Professional Triathlete

Hey all.

This will be my first blog, and I’m hoping people will be as interested in reading what I have to say, as I am doing what I do. Triathlon for me has become a way of life and coming to altitude has helped me greatly to improve both my anaerobic and aerobic systems.

I firstly moved to Potchefstroom where I trainer with Erhard Wolfhaardt, Sander Berg, Abraham Louw , Hendrik de villiers and the Polish.

What a difference it makes when u train at altitude and race at sea level “feels like I’m cheating!”.

In Potchefstroom I started to change my stroke in the swim, and do more distance which has made my swim progress dramatically!! Then my cycling and running also started to improve as my quality sessions were. Are done correctly.

Now I have moved to Pretoria and I am training with the Tuks team and other great athletes such as Theo blignaut, Wickus Weber, Andrea Steyn, Carlyn Fisher and many more!

I am now in my 3rd phase of preperation and will do my next race

20 June 2010 in Schoemberg Germany.
1.4km swim. 40km cycle 10km run

Will post again soon!

Keep focused!

Comments on: "Training in Pretoria…. is good!" (2)

  1. hey Budy it seems nice ! Need some Top bar shortcut’s at the top oky!!

  2. Christiaan kriek said:

    Hey dude,looks good so far.try to get some media and sponsors on your site..makes people think you’re the don!anyway,goodluck with final prep and race in germany!cheers,keep it real

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