Professional Triathlete

All African/SA Duathlon Championships 2010 Bloemfontein.

This would be my first standard duathlon and I was really looking forward to it! This race took place in Bloemfontein on the 29th of may 2010 at the university sports grounds. It was very cold being 2-5degrees Celsius but was a great race!

I decided to take part in this race 5days before the race as I wouldn’t take part in a race for the next 5weeks, which wasn’t in my plans. I knew it would be a fast race as the likes of Brand du Plessis, Johan Cronje and Gilbert Lucas were present.

…..Onto the 10km run and I would soon find myself next to Johan Cronje who was setting a blistering pace along with Brand du plessis.. It was down to the three of us for the rest of the run which would end up being a 31min04sec”. My PB”

Onto the non-draft 40km bike and it was now …..COLD . I felt good on the bike, but thought that Brand would have a faster bike split than mine… This didn’t happen as I started to pull away from him on the bike, and managed to do a 1H02 bike split.

Onto the run and I now had a DECENT lead on Brand and Johan. Nothing better than realizing that all you need to do is hold on to that lead 🙂

The last run was a little warmer and I managed to extend my lead on the run and did a 15min59sec which was better than I felt.

MY FIRST ITU win! Although I was put U23 I still won.

Great race and even better organization, thanks goes to TSA, BSG,PUMA,GARMIN,PVM and Tiaan.

Keep training, and enjoy your own personal triumphs 😉


Comments on: "MY race report on ALL Africa Duathlon Champs 2010 Bloemfontein" (3)

  1. Hey Rich

    Your blog is looking good keep it up.
    I like what you did with the home page.
    Its nice to have you in PTA as a suffer buddy.
    Well keep the hard work up bru.



    Keep on 🙂

  2. Richard……way to go!!!!

  3. Congrats rich, nice win! Btw, you look quite decent in your new black suite.

    Ill keep more up to date with your blog, so start posting.

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