Professional Triathlete

When I realized I would be coming to Pretoria, I was quite uncertain about it!

There is a lot of traffic over here and thus it makes for interesting cycling and running times/routes. This is made much safer by us”triathlon SA” team training together most of our sessions.

The main reason for me coming to Pretoria would be so that I could improve my swim technique and get faster/more economical in the water. Since I have been here I have seen quite a bit of improvement which I will use when going across to europe!

I really can’t believe that I will be going in 3days to europe, this year I have been away from home for 4months and now leave for another 3months. In Europe there are about 6-8 races I can compete in, but some races I will need to gain ITU points before entering.

I’m really looking forwards to going to germany and racing for Team ALZ and receiving a new bike.

I’m going to miss the World Cup soccer when I leave as I have really started to follow & support Bafanna Bafanna, hope I can wotch it in germany.

After my European racing I will come back to Potchefstroom for a week and compete in the I-flex momentum health duathlon final on the 19th of september. Soon after this final seasons race I will be going home to Cape Town and will rest for 3weeks!!! Yay.

I will be back to Pretoria when the BSG energade triathlon series commences to begin with my base training..

Keep humble, keep focused and enjoy your own personal triumphs!



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