Professional Triathlete

Europe here i come!

On board the plane now so have to be quick!

All set for europe! Packed, and had to unpack as was at 50kg’s instead of 40’kgs… Woops haha.

I will now remember that carrying 8kg’s of PVM isent a good idea no matter how good the product is! My new bike box rules, hope that my bike is in one piece when I get to stuttgart.

I had to pack the BARE minnimum as otherwise I would be over weight, suppose my bike box will be well worth it, that is if my bike is in one piece.

Training in Pretoria has been great, and at the end of the year I will be comming back to pta to train for sure.

A thanks goes to TSA!!! They have given me the opportunity to spread my wings in the european triathlon season, and I will do my best to impress!

Thanks also goes to my parents for all the MOOITE you guys go through for me, it really helps me on my way to success!!

EMMA & Lindsey! Thank you guys A LOT. You have opend my eyes to triathlon and helped me immencly.

I look forward to racing this season, and to feature well 🙂

Will post after this weekends race in Schoemberg.

Keep humble, kick ass, and enjoy your own personal triumphs! 😉

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  1. Safe travels Rich and kick butt!!!!

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