Professional Triathlete

Hey All, Hope your training and racing has been going well!

I am now staying at the Headingley Met University Campus with Wickus Weber and Claude Eksteen. Wickus and myself will leave for Netherlands tomorrow morning at 01H50am to get the train and then a plain! I think tomorrow will be an interesting journey and i hope things go smoothly.

I have come to Leeds to train with Jack Maitland “The Brownlee’s Coach” from now till the 1st of August. This training I see will be hard and will get me really strong for world Championships in Budapest in September.

I am Really excited for the World Cup event in Holten on Saturday at 1H45pm. If you want you can wotch live on I hope to do as best as i can about top 30, as the field is strong.

Wickus and myself will stay in Holten till sunday and will return at about 12pm back in Leeds.

Cant wait will write race report on Sunday coming back on flight and train! Will keep you all posted about when i update it again!..

Keep well, and well done Spain. You guys played well, DESPITE me shouting for the Germans!.

Here is a pic of the MANSSION i am staying at in Leeds along with 1 or 2 other pictures.. I would like to Personally thank TSA for all they do for me and the HP team 🙂 Thanks

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