Professional Triathlete

The Leeds experience.

Training/eating and sleeping…. daym i love being a triathlete!!

O yes , and meeting the mayor of Leeds for a Tour 🙂

The past few weeks I have been in Headingley”Leeds England with fellow team mates Erhard Wolfhaardt, Claude Eksteen and Wikus Weber. I moved here from germany on the 4th of July and will leave next week Wednesday the 28th to germany. Coming here I set my mind right in the plane “”””its going to be grey and gloomy for a LOOONG time, but you can do it””””.I’m very happy I did this as I was about 98% correct.

THE John Charles Swimming center

Training with the Brownlee’s and the GB crew has been great so far! We do our swim sets in 3 different pools during the week. Monday is in the smallest pool I have ever sum in before,  21 meters. Tuesday & Thursday is at the University of Leeds and is a super good quality 25 meter pool. Wednesday & friday we are off to the BIG daddy of swimming pools ,the John Charles swimming centre and is a 50 meter indoor pool.

Running wise we can join the track session on Tuesday&Friday with jack Maitland”swimming and running coach” which are great speed work sessions “normally in the rain here for some odd reason?”.

Since I have been here i have done about 3 rides by myself which is great! I have ridden the CHAIN OF PAIN   on thursday which is a bunch of weekend  “cyclists” banging it out over about 50km.The cycling here is great, with scenic cycling routes,  flat’ish cycling routes and some quiet routes which Alistir Brownlee and his Brother showed us one day. That a cycle route, through sheep, mountain side and grasslands that seemed to go on forever, REALLY enjoyed that!

What a great place.. Going to miss you :-(


AND ONTO THE BEST PART OF ALL…. The weather..haha To tell the truth the weather has been the same as the weather during autumn in Cape Town. You are unsure if it will rain but it isent  really cold either. Getting to germany now will be great can’t wait, going to be much warmer than here I hope!.In germany i will get my new Axus”rsa branded” bicycle and will then on the 1st of August leave for Slovenia where i will meet even more of the RSA triathletes.

Erhard and Claude left today for  London World Championships series and i hope they make TSA/Themselves and our country proud! Watch them live for FREE on on saturday for the women and sunday for the men.

Next on my schedule of races is the  Offenburg Bundesliga Sprint triathlon in Germany, followed by Geneva ITU  European cup and then on to Lausanne for the world sprint championships.

Check Link and watch  the Clip… Bet you will get shivers!! 🙂 if you love triathlon as much as I do.  

I’m Glad im better now, as i was sick this past weekend, and I almost lost my mind as I couldn’t train for about 2 days. Now im back on track and amped for my next challenge in life!!

Another great thanks goes to my parents and TSA for funding my over seas traveling and racing!

Hope you all have a great weekend, keep humble, keep focused and enjoy your own personal triumphs :-)……Over and out Rich

TRIATHLETES need space 5 in the back of a Feista doesn't work well!


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