Professional Triathlete

I have been in Europe now for about a month an a half.

I’ve done 3 races  Schoemberg /Brasschaat and Holten which were all different with regards to competition. I think i have improved through the last month and a half and look forward to the next month and a half leading towards WORLD CHAMPS in Budapest.

Next on my hit list will be racing in Offenburg tomorrow where i will take part in the Bundesliga sprint event in the ALZ Sigmaringen team. At the moment im back in sigmaringen “germany”,where I originally stopped off, before heading to Leeds.

Tomorrows race is going to be fast and furious with the likes of Daniel Unger and others in the mix! I hope to get about top 20 “being realistic” as there are some big names in the race.

At the end of this weekend i will be off to Slovenia to meet up with Coach Lindsey Parry, Emma Swannick and the rest of the RSA crew, going to be great to see some familiar faces (^^,)

My new bicycle will be ready in the second week of August and I actually can’t wait…. The bicycle will be a AXUS Duran can be seen on . This bike will be special as it will be custom with the SOuth African Flag in the paint-work of the frame and my R.MURRAY on the frame aswell. It will get Sram red and axus parts and wheels which are of top quality! Soon this bike will be available for the top triathletes in RSA!!! Also cycling kit will be made for me with the RSA flag & AXUS once again being worked into the colour scheme. I will post pictures and weights as soon as I have the bike 🙂


Another great happening was finding out that I made the start list for Geneva on the 15th of August. I have been waiting and wondering if I would make the list and I have! GREAT SUCCESS!!! After Geneva which is an ITU continental cup event I will have just 1 more event which will be the WOrld Sprint CHampionships in Lausanne Switzerland. I will be part of a team of 4 which includes myself Theo Blignaut,Lauren Dance and Andrea Styn . This will be my SHARPEN up race , before my big race in Budapest.

Saw a really cool Porsche  GT3 RS..

at the airport in Manchester —>>

So from now on I will need to be focused, determined and patient to obtain a good form before worlds tri champs!!

Keep Humble , keep focused and enjoy YOUR weekend BABY!!! (^^,)

O ya…. we got to meet the LORD MAYOR of Leeds and a whole lot of big and knowledgable people whilst in Leeds


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