Professional Triathlete

This will now be my second attempt at writing this race report, as last time my computer crashed in the final sentence of my report!

DEEEP BREATH…………………IN…..and OUT….ok now I’m ready (^^,)

On the weekend i took part in Offenburg for the Super Sprint Bundesliga race. I was/am part of the ALZ-Sigmaringen team which tool part at this event on the 31st of July. Going into this race and there was only really one thing in my mind “ RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN”. I didn’t manage to run at the Holton ITU cup race so would blow off a bit of steam at this event!

Offenburg was a 2hour drive from Sigmaringen and I went in a Merc Vito along with fellow team mate Alexander. I found it quite funny as Roland had a little ladder to stand on for putting up bicycles on the bike rack on the car.

NOW that is cool!

Before I knew it we were in Offenburg at the venue “which was very nice indeed!” The women started off at 16H30 and we started off at 18H00. I would love to know why we start at this time!!  I’m actually glad we started off behind the women as I didn’t understand the race briefing as my German is SHOCKING!!

Into transition to rack our bikes we went. It was really cool to have a designated spot for team ALZ, and in the transition there was a photographer taking numerous pictures of my bike and my RSA flag that I had attached to the transition pole. I FELT LIKE A PRO NOW!!

Soon it was time for me to have my usual sleep under some trees and then to start focusing on the race. Warming up in the water I felt good which is always a sign of how you might perform on the day!

PINK swim cap?? hmmm..... GERMANS" haha

BANG!!!!! And we were off with the field being about 65+ strong all heading out towards bouy1. Head down, bubbles, arms, feet heart throbbing is how to describe the first 300meters in a triathlon race. I was in a good position towards bouy 1 which was great BUT I was pushing myself quite hard.

Coming out of the water you need to change from a fish to Usain Bolt and literally SPRINT into transition and get onto your bike “ AFTER THE MOUNT LINES!”. The first 10km on the bike and I’m very happy I wasn’t wearing my Heart rate monitor, as we were hitting about 45km/H average. If I had seen my heart rate I think I would have slowed down as it would have been in the high 180’s.

The 2nd Bunch was +-20seconds in front of us so we needed to work to catch them. Soon more and more guys latched on from behind and then the pace slowed somewhat….. I started to think 45people in a bunch cycling at 40km/h + round some circles is an accident somewhere looking to happen. Soon after this thought BANG”not the start gun” people started to fall! Now that was fun ..

I came into transition with about 1munte down on the leaders consisting of Tony Dodds/ Claude Eksteen / Daniel Unger and about 10 more.Now it was time for me to shine. I felt great on the run and covered the first 2.5km in 7min17sec which I think may have been a bit quick. My total end run time was a 15:01.5 which was average for me J ha-ha. I managed to get 6th Place which was far better than I was expecting, so for me was a great achievement beating some of the top100 top Triathlete in the WORLD!

Banging ourt 3min/km for the 5km run FUN :-)

3min/km WAS NEEDED!

The Winner of the race was Tony Dodds NZL followed by Frederic Balaubre FRA and Nils Frommhold from Germany.

Below are the results of the top 12 and myself on the podium (^^,)

TOP 12

6th PLACE.... = good day for me


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