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For the past 2 weeks I have been in Radovljica Slovenia training with the RSA High Performance triathlon team.

Last RACE ON MY AXUS! getting my new bike soon!!

The goal of coming to Slovenia was being able to access races in Europe as a larger group and to train together. I arrived in Rodovljica on the 1st of August and will remain here till World Triathlon Champs 8-11september.

Training here has been great , and the facilities couldn’t be better! We have a 50 meter pool and a tartan track in walking distance of our accommodation.Cycling is also wonderful and I can state that it is the most scenic are I have ridden in before HANDS DOWN!

This weekend myself,Theo Blignaut , Carlyn Fisher and Emma Swanwick “our manager” made our way to Geneva  Switzerland fora ITU Continental Cup race.

The drive was great  to Geneva and we had a great sight seeing opportunities on the way there at the Mont Blanc.

The day of the race the 15th was soon apon me and i realized i would need to give this race a good go to get some points!

BOY o BOY did it rain ! Wow. Out of the  swim and I was battling to breath but made my way onto the bike. I really need to work on my first 5km on my bike as i missed the pack AGAIN!!

On the bike there was a very steep but short climb in it and this was where the break aways would be. I soon had a small bunch after about 5km and we worked well together.

It was VERRY slippery and this 1 girl fell right in front of us which was quite funny .(^^,)

On the run and I was hurting big time , but managed to run a 32:32 on the route.

A good race for me, but I need to work on my swim still, big time. As working so hard on the bike and run is not what I want to be doing this time next year!

Good weekend getting a 24th Place and hopefully some ITU points.

Untitled by rich02murray at Garmin Connect – Details. MY CYCLE  @ Garmin

Untitled by rich02murray at Garmin Connect – Details.    MY RUNNING   @ Garmin

Mont Blanc Mountains

Full results are shown Below

Comments on: "The Past 2 weeks and My race In Geneva Switzerland." (2)

  1. Hey bru. That was a long trip. But verry cool. Well done on your race. Doing the same trip againg this week.


    nice report rich , good to see you are very knowledgable about the dynamics of the race. We cannot see the weather conditions and difficulties you experience so it’s nice to hear about them from you. Time for the benefits of brick sessions to sharpen up responses.
    Worlds is going to be a great finale.
    I am working on the triathlon africa business plan , we can swap notes.
    Luv dad

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