Professional Triathlete

WOW… i cannot believe how fast time flys!

Attempted Super man!

Just a few weeks ago it felt i came to  Sigmaringen Germany to start my first ever european season. I was really motivated and couldnt wait to show the world and myself that i can do triathlon! 🙂

Whilst in Europe i have done the following . Travelled to Schoemberg to race a LBS-liga event. After this i travelled back Sigmaringen for a week of training. The following weekend i would travel to Brasschaat Belguim to race an Continental Cup race.” that was a journey and a HALF!”


After Brasschaat i returend to Sigi for some more building training. I was then off to Leeds, England to meet some fellow RSA athletes and do a Itu CUP race in Holten.

Holten came and went in the blink of an eye which was exactually the result i got there…. Not great! Back to Leeds i would go to put in some quality training before heading off back to Germany to race a Bundesliga event which was GREAT fun and lifted my mental status!

Offenburg Bundeslia Super sprint was soon followed by a flight from Frankfurt to Ljubljana to meet TSA ” triathlon SOuth African team” I have had some great fun here in SLovenia driving to Switzerland to race the Geneva Continental ITu Cup event and training here has been great for my improvement in my swimming!

We even got to ride up a mountain where i made friends with this SERIOUSLY cool sheep!. My Garmin forerunner 310xt tracking my route

800m Climbing over 9km.. BIG climb at 40-50km! by rich02murray at Garmin Connect – Details.


After meeting this cool sheep we would catch a thunder storm on our way back to Radjolvica ” WHich i can state was the most dangerous ride i have ever done!”

Recently also updated my website! visit

This week now will be my last week of training/tapering before i race this weekend in Budapest , Hungary. The World Triathlon Champs/Grand Final . Check out

A lot of hard training/sweat and tears have gone on this year and i believe that this weekend will be a great race! I am motivated/ focused and can’t wait to put my practice to the ultimate test this weekend!

I will be travelling back to SOuth Africa on the 14th September and will return to Cape Town on the 16th September.

Keep Focused , keep humble and remember TRAIN + PAIN = GLORY!


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