Professional Triathlete

Hey Guys,,

Tomorrow will be my biggest race of the season for me.. Been preparing for this race since early January and i know im ready for this 1! The race will take place in Budapest Hungary at 3:15pm today and will most likley be a Wet one.

I Broke my Phalanges  ( frontal thumb Bone) on my right hand on Tuesday during a ride in the rain with team mates Theo Bignaut and Wian Sullwald. We were cycling around a corner and we went over a zebra crossing and i took some real-estate out in Radjolvica “the tarmac!”. Not cool 4 days before a World class event! But everything happens for a reason i guess 🙂


WHite lines + Rain + not concentrating Richard = Broken Thumb

On a higher note i got my new A:XUS bike!! With the RSA flag in the paint-work , My name on the Top tube and Sram Red all round… How can i go wrong! I would really like to Thank OLIVER GREF owner of axus. Visit to see their whole range!! Elmer Gneiting from ALZ Sigmaringen also had a big role  in the processand i thank him too. This Bike i will be using for the next year or longer and is really something i think will catch the eye of athletes in RSA!!



The Frame is a Duran and was made especially for me! The RSA flag is the right way up which is also a plus 🙂 AXUS did an amazing job!


My Surname is in the paint work aswell, showing that this bike can only be ridden by me.

World Champs is now only a few hours away, and i feel ready and focused to take on this last race before comming back to RSA!. DESITE having a broken finger , i still hope to do well at 3pm today. Wether i come 1st or last i will give all i have today.  As they say if you give all you have you cant ask for more!

I would like to thank every1 who has helped me get here so far. This year has been a great 1 for me and i hope to end this season on a high!

Keep focused , keep training and remember Pain is only temporary BUT glory lasts forever!


Have a great weekend every1!! See some of you guys back in RSA in the near future .


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