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Hey People!

I have finally found the time and motivation to write my race report from World Triathlon Champs which took place on the  11th September 2010 … so about 3 weeks ago.

My European season started in Mid june and  I had a lot of ambition and determination to show that I can and will become a top triathlete. The season started of well with a 4th place in Brasschaat which was a Itu European cup event. This for me was the best race of my season , but I still had a lot more to do before my big finale in Budapest!

My PUMA Eutopia2 helping get a 2:58/km Average pace!!

Brasschaat really set me up for my season as it was a big confidence booster for me! My swim finally was picking up WOOOHOO!!!

Brasschaat came and went and I was soon of to the rest of Europe to gain some valuable experience in other races. The Holten World Cup was a slight speed bump in my year as this was supposed to be my second biggest race of the year but didn’t go as planned 0_o!

Soon I was off to Leeds where I would stay for 1 month with fellow Triathletes Claude Eksteen , Wickus Weber and Erhard Wolfhaardt.

Training with  Alistair Brownlee one of the best triathletes in the world was very beneficial. Seeing different methods of training and racing will just add to my knowledge of triathlon. I really enjoyed swimming with some of the athletes in Leeds ,England as this was a challenge for me daily.

After my training in Leeds i was off to Slovenia to meet Coach Lindsey Parry and Manager Emma Swannick. Training here in Slovenia made many people think WHY SLOVENIA??  Well ill tell you. Slovenia is firstly in Europe which means closer to european competitions. The whole HP (high Performance) team moved to Radovljica ,Slovenia and prepared for the main race World Triathlon Champs in Budapest!


Slovenia was great… REALLY training together , eating together…ok  Not sleeping together….. But you get the point we were really a team! Team RSA acting like a team, now that is shocking. Getting to know each other and focusing on the same goal just puts you even closer together.

Last week in Radovljica and the weather turned nasty!.. Last cycle in Slovenia and what did I do…….. YEA I crashed on my road bike in the rain 2km from home and bust my thumb. At first I thought to myself stop being such a “B#tch” which is normally what I tell myself when I get hurt, BUT this 1 really was hurting badly 0_o!

WOrld Champs was now just 4 days away and I was de-motivated and had a broken thumb. To tell the truth I actually wanted to crawl up into a ball and disappear. EVeryone els was fine and had no problems but i think fate likes making life fun for me 🙂 THANK YOU MERFIE!!!

Off to Budapest we left at 6am in the morning and I was battling to carry my bag. Thoughts of pulling out of the race came to mind many times. I’m normally the guy who says SUCK IT IN, AND DO your DO… don’t complain. But this was what I had been training for , for 7 months!

3 days before the event and I went down to the swimming pool to see what could be done so that I could take part at least! Diving into the swimming pool was like diving into concrete as my figure hurt so badly… I needed to insert my right hand ever so softly into the water otherwise it would ache.300m….500m and soon my hand started to feel better 🙂 I thought to myself YOU CAN DO ANYTHING Richard..

Taking pain killers and sucking it up would be my WOrld Triathlon Champs in Budapest 2010. To tell the truth having a broken finger cost me a top 5 finish, but getting 8th spot wasnt BAD 🙂

SWIM = COldiSH…. at 16 degrees. Taking of wetsuit “FAIL with broken thumb! YET   best swim ever! I got my goal if 18-19 minutes for a 1500m   with a 18:13

CYCLE=  WetIsh… Finger hurt like hell “couldnt break efficiently as finger was irritating ”

RUN = Not bad … Transition was not great due to silly thumb now working when putting on running shoes 🙂

I would personally like to thank Theo Blignaut for cycling like he did! Giving me a fighting chance on the run !! THANKS BOET! (^^,) check his site out at

On the run I went out very hard to catch up due to a very bad transition and late entry to transition, but I gave it my all on the run getting into 2nd place into the 2nd lap. The race in Budapest was one of progression and delight! I swam cycled and ran at almost the same ability which was my main goal for the race…. and to do well to DUH haha

8 Richard Murray RSA ZA 01:45:33 00:18:13 00:00:57 00:54:02 00:00:31 00:31:51


I would like to thank my support crew ! Mom & Dad for coming all the way to wotch me in Budapest… You guys are my greatest supporters thanks for everything.

To TSA Emma and Lindsey…. This is just the beginning and thank you for all the help this year so far. You guys mean a lot to me and thank you for all the belief and motivation throughout the year.

Greg Ries from BSG , thank you for believing in me! And for all your support this year and to come 🙂 There are many people I will thank but I will do this personally this year!! Looking forward to the coming BSG/energade series. Hope to see some of you there

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