Professional Triathlete

My 3 week break period is now over! Time to get back onto the horse as they say 🙂


What a break i have had. Seeing friends i havent seen in 7 months being with family , going out and partying…… a great time so far back in Durbanville( SOuth Africa). I took as much out of the holiday as i could realising what lays ahead for me in months to come. My coach Lindsey Parry from the HPC in pretoria said ” let you hair down and have fun, as some hard raining is to follow”!

SO what i did was litreally that, I had a blast 🙂

My finger is about 70%  better now, but i am still not able to put my goggles and cap on properly!!! Slightly inflamed and allitle swolen ,4 weeks down the line not looking to bad i’d say!


Now 3rd day training , i REGRET letting my hair down so LOW hahha.. Swimming session today at Virgin active tgyervalley felt like i was pulling a parachute in the water.

Im really looking forwards to the local season. The BSG/Energade Triathlon series!!! The series is comprised of a 600m swim a 20km cycle and a 5km run. There is also the kidies event and people are welcome to take part as a team as well!! Check it out on where you will see

Bsg Now also has a Multisports website where athletes can join and get great advice on triathlon along with the BSG/Energade triathlon series and a lot more cool stuff!! 🙂

O ya this week recieved some great new running shoes from Puma 🙂 Thanks guys !!


For me now it is BASE miles time…. Hitting it out long and slow will be my next few months! I will be racing the weekend at the BSG/energade triathlon series at Roodeplaat dam in a team. The team will be the BSG team and will be myself/ Kate Robberts and Wian Sullwald. You can see our profiles on the website but you will need to become a member 🙂 !!! This site will grow and become a HUB for triathlon and multisports alike! SO watch out for it.

My races the Series will be Germiston Lake,  Midmar Dam , Vanderbijlpark and Bluouberg Cape Town.

Hope you all are having a great weak, the weather Really great here in the Cape 🙂

Have a great week !!


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