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Hey All! Below is race report from the BSG-Energade Triathlon Series race in GErmiston . This race was my first race back, and for me would be my first race for team BSG at the series.

Testing at the HPC in Pretoria was “done and dusted” as they say on last Saturday and then the sunday it would be the Germiston event of the BSG-Energade Triathlon Series. The testing at the HPC went well and i had good run and swimming splits, which was my main focus. ON the bike…. lets just say i was like a granny with a asthma problem due to the altitude on my lungs HAHA.

SOon testing was done and my focus moved accross to the first event which i was realllllllly looking forward to! HAving a break from racing makes Richard cranky .


The day started of at the crack of dawn…. well ok it was like 6am, but for me at the moment anything before 8am is trully madness !! haha. All ready and packed i made my way to Germiston , arriving @ 7:30am, PLENTY OF TIME. There were so many people there on my way into transition everyone i knew where saying ” you aren’t going to find a good spot. And they were right!

Bike racked and mind in the game, i set off to the start where i saw some familliar faces, such as Erhard, Claude, Wikus and many more. It looks like this would be a great first race back…….. BOY o BOY was that far from the truth HAHA.

The swim was off and i felt great, and was soon following the “bubble machine” towards the first piece of inflated red plastic. Funny how the bouy  comes and passes so fast and soon we are off to the next bouy. Must admit ,I’m never sure where I am when swimming . All i know is that ,I see  feet, get hit and chug  on water  this means you are near the front… “Theo Bilgnaut”

INTERVIEW TIME 🙂 LIke i am Important???

Swim Swim swim… and i see Claude Eksteen next to me with about 100m left to go. Im my mind ” WOOOOHOOOO” then i get back to task at hand. Catching the back-markers of the womens feild SUKCS as i normally end up swimming into people who are already drowning. NOT helpful. Soon my body became numb and i struggled the last 80 meters of the swim. I losts the swim pack!! FAILURE . But i soon saw team mate Wian Sullwald and Chris Felgate on bike which was a relief!

Getting onto the bike section and my lungs felt like i have been smoking for 100 years, Silly altitude giving them a go! Come to think of it, over seas swimming was all at sea level, so only in RSA i race at altitude 🙂 YAY.

It was my First race on my new sponsored A:XUS bike! Was really keen to race on it!. Check out their web page on for thier great range of bicycles ,components and wheel sests.


The bike went smooth but we lost some time on the leader who started off at 20sec infront to about 1min40 infront. This was now a mean task to make up on the run.

Into transition and i was still moving like i was leading the race! Never give up is my motto 🙂 Every place closer to the leader is something gained.

On the run and i had a slight lead over Michael davidson who caught me at the half way comming in at 6th position. I ended up in 7th which was a SAD result as i was hoping for a top 3!!

Realising i have only been training for 2-3weeks and i raced at altitude , makes sence why i wouldent do so well. The rest of the BSG-Energade series will be close to sea level other than Vaal!. SO watch out for me 🙂

SO now , its time to put my head down,  and bite the nail!! haha.

Looking forward to this weekend at the 4th Event of the BSG-Energade triathlon series to be held at Midmar dam on the 31st October at 9:30am. Check out for some more great information on this wonderful series!

Keep focused, never judge others ….. and Show no mercy 🙂


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