Professional Triathlete

On the 31st of November The Bsg Midmar Event took place. Wet, cold and slippery conditions would all be part of the 4th event.

Mentally going into the race, I was strong and was hoping on improving my performance from my 1st race at Germiston Lake on the 24th Nov.

When I started my warm up I felt good and was soon I’m my TYR wet suit off for a swim warm up.

Into the dam we went with the normal washing machine churning its way all the way to Bouy1. I was feeling that being at 1000M of altitude it was considerably better than 1600meters.

Just before I got out ofr the water I was Glen Gore and Rudolf Naude on my right. I was thinking….. GREAT swim!!

Into transition and I was just 25seconds behind Erhard and Claude and Henri. Onto bike and the roads were slippery As HELL!! Wian Sullwald going down just in front of Hendrik and myself.. Causious cycling was now in order to make the bike leg!.

Comming of the bike I saw that Erhard and Claude had a BIG gap on our bunch and that Michael Davidson and myself would have to run for 3rd place..

On the run is was just that, Michael and myself were off to a blistering pace of 3min/km getting to the half way 2.5km in 7min30.

Unfortunatly on the way back, Mr Davidson had the legs on me and started to pull away every stride..

I managed to Holding onto 4th just infront of Hendrik De Villiers who was closing me down 🙂

This past few days I have been off traning with the flue!! So now I’m getting back into it, after Missing the Vanderbaijl Park event this past weekend..

Hope Your training/racing is going well!!

Rich 😉


Comments on: "MidMar Bsg-energade Triathlon series Race" (1)

  1. Hey boet

    were is your Race Report? Kom nou man!!!!!!

    lekker having you here. get better soon. you missing out some good training.



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