Professional Triathlete

O How this years BSG-Energade series has come and gone.. Many races and such a great time has been had!

The BSG-Energade triathlon Series moved to Blouberg-Big Bay last Sunday the 5th of December, and this event was a real nail-biter both for myself and the crowd!!




The event only 10km away from my flat in Durbanville, a GOOD trainer warm-up on the bike was in order.. I had a Super warm up and was son down to hit the 12.5degree cold Atlantic ocean 🙂 YAY!




AT the swim Start Chatted with a Mate bout our SUPER cool Hurricane TYR wetsuits and how they hug our bodies…… Don’t Judge haha..

All the Big Guns were out such at Erhard Wolfhaardt, Claude Eksteen , Michael Davidson and Abrahm Louw to name a few.. The swim was soon on its way and I was swimming next to the Multi-coloured cap of the Lanky Potchefstroom athlete “Erhard”. It was then  soon UTTER chaos at the 1stbouy where about 20 of us tried to go round it at the same time.. BOY-O-BOY was that fun 🙂

Comming back the boys were going hard and i was hanging on for dear life. Out of the swim and i could see the boys just ahead of me ! SWEEEt. SO I paced it into transition and onto my bike.

On the bike everyone worked well together and My father was on the lead bike, so he could see all that was going on in the race. My Bike as usual was flawless and i had a super bike  split on the day! check it out on

Comming into transition and i was in 3rd spot on the way in and out. Claude , Erhard and myself started to pull a gap on the field and i knew i needed to go hard to get away from Erhard!

HAlf way through the run and we were doing about 3:10/km everage pace.. for the rest of the run split check 5km Run Split at BSG Final in Blouberg by rich02murray at Garmin Connect – Details.

Comming back on the run I put the hammer down, getting to a pace of 2:35/km on the return 2.5km. Erhard was breathing like a 70year old Ashma patient and Claude had just dropped off the pace.

Soon it was just the Lanky-Tall potchie and Myself slamming out the last 1km on the run.. I soon saw that it would be down to a sprint finish. I had spent my fuel and he had just enough to take me through the last 2 corners and Pipper me by 1 SEC across the line 😦


2nd.. GREAT place.. Great RACE!



But all congrats goes to the BIg Guy… He is trully a Strong competitour and i gave all my 2L engin had! 🙂

Finishing in 2nd was great as this aslo pushed my up to 4th Overall in the BSG-energade series!

Great day, great race… BSG-energade < Super series.




O ya… Broke my Stevens MTB frame on tuesday.. That was in INTERESTING day haha






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