Professional Triathlete

Time To ROLL into 2011..

2010.. wow now was that a year… travelling all over the world in search of experience and ITU points, and women.. Boy that was fun 🙂



Now its time for some more base miles and some REAL propper planning for this year of 2011.

A few weeks back , i manged to break my stevens frame,

As our Domestic said...... i'SH BROKEN boetie 🙂

and so now im moving on to a better more Hip Axus NEra frame.


Managed to pick it up 2 days ago to find that a 21″ frame is WAY to big…. owell, will need to find one before the Xterra Grabouw event. Have been looking forward to this event for a while now!

Planning has begun for my 2011 season, which seems to me like im going to race till my eyes Pop out… But bring it on!! CHeck out my Schedule and Results page for my ” Racing plan so far for 2011″ will refine it as time goes by..

So for now, Its head down for me, and enjoy my base miles. I rate this year will be a SUPER 1 indeed, and i see great things comming my way..

Keep fit, keep healthy and never give up 🙂 keep strong peepz !


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