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Hey Peoplzz..

This past weekend the 29th Jan was the Western Province championships at clun Mykanos about 5km from Langebaan.

It was my 1st event for 2011, and was a great start to my season!After some great base miles through October-Jan it was about time for me to get my ass into gear!

Having the whole weekend at Mykanos was great, and it was really greato to relax after a event for once! Normally its back home directly after event , and back to the bump and grind..

ONTO RACE day.. The day started off a bit later than expected at around 8am. With a wetsuit swim, and a deep water start, it looked like i would have a great race infront of me. Starting the swim and the guys set off a cracking pace as normal. Soon we turned right and it was arms/legs and fists all the way.. I even managed to touch the INSIDE of some guys mouth under the water, Now that was funny 🙂

Getting into the “SWIM” of things and it was soon myself and another athlete leaving the field beind. Head down and arms swinging we were soon out of the water, My TRY hurricane  wet-suit looking LANK pimping as we exited the water.


Soon i was on my custom road bike and into a sweet TT position! My bike was going sweet UNTIL i turned incorrectly and added around 3-4km extra onto my 40km bike.. My mind said ” Richard u Poephol!” ” Just get back into a rhythem and catch back up”!

Bike Route and times :

Back onto the bike and i have lost about 5min and was from 1st to 3rd 😦 it was time for a MAJOUR TT! 🙂

Got back into a great position and managed to pull back about 1:30min on the leaders. Now it was run time.. With consistency in mind on the run, i needed to run within myself to get the gain that i needed from the event.

A 3:30min/km was needed and thats what i managed, even though there were 2 BIG hills on the run 🙂

My Run Splits in Garmin Connect :

After having a superB run, with the lovely backing on the sea and  the west coast , this is definatly the best place to hold an event..

1st Spot was mine, with Dawid Visser 2nd and Antonie van Heerden 3rd.

I realize that having a event where i can enjoy are few and far appart, so having a even that i REALLY enjoyed was great 🙂 A big thanks goes to WPTA ” western Province triathlon association” The effort and work from so many people made this event a big hit in my books 🙂

Happy training people and remember, keep safe, train smart and never give up!!!

PEace OUt 0_o



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