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OK,, so this past weekend i was off to the Troisports Johannesburg City Triathlon.

But this triathlon was put to a Hult due to the rain in the vecinity causing the Ecoli levels to sky rocket in the Germiston Lake. Instead the event was changed to a duathlon comprised of a 10km run/40km TT cycle and a 5km run.

This event was Both The  Central GautengTriathlon Championships and the Troisports event so will make selection very interesting in my eyes for their team for SA champs..

Back to the event, and I was up early “Somthing i still need to get used to” at 5:20am on sunday and was soon on my way with Christopher Felgate to Germiston lake. Staying at the Melrose Guest Lodge is REALLY a great place to stay, and lets me relax before the race day. Thanks goes to their support of the BSG Elite team! 🙂

PRE-RACE RUBBISH TALK... TELLING Lucy to take it easy at start! haha

The Start wason the main road just outside the boating club, and the feild was around 400-500 athletes.

Racing a duathlon today for me was not really the plan, but i reccon a triathlete should be able to do well in duathlons regardless!



ONto the hardloop and  the 1st 500m was spent at around 3:45/km which was quite predestrian as after this we would pickit up to around 3:25/km for the next 8km or so..

Claude Eksteen, Myself , Erhardt Wolfhaard and Travis Johnson were soon ino a great rhythem with myself dictating the pace to around 3:10-3:25-km.

My Plan for this event was to keep 1st run undercontroll Bike solid and run last run fast..

THINK I SAID SOMETHING FUNNY... check Clauds Face haha















The 1st Run went to plan and it was soon into transition and the “1st Preme” of the day being a Nice R1000 for 1st accross line 😉

Check out my run-time thanks to Garmin Connect >

I managed to sprint before the turn getting a small gap and holding it to the T1 gaining myself a nice few bux 🙂

The bike was soon under_way with all four of us onto our bikes within 30 seconds of eachother. This race was now down to who had put in the base miles over the dec-jan period… And i rate Mr Wolf had put some MAJOUR miles in!! As he rode like a BEAST, having a total bike time of 57:01 for the 40km bike. I managed a 58:41 which was a 40.2 km/h average, and i was pleased with it!

Bike slipt also up on Garmin connect>

Onto the run and i wasaround 2min behind the BEAST Wolfhaardt so my plan was to get the fastest last run split, picking up some more MOOOLA! 🙂

The last run was ok, even though my lungs felt like i was breathing through a straw ” altitude” and my feet were sinking into the ground ” dure to effort on bike and 1st run”

Last run i pulled of a 15:34 for the 5km loop which was great, with regards to the way i felt, and i picked up the 3rd Prime.

Last run split on garmin connect>

I picked up 2nd spot on the day which was a great achievement for me, with Wolfhaardt in 1st , Eksteen in 3rd , Johnston in 4th and Rudolf Naude in 5th..

A big thanks goes to Christopher  & BSG for all the hard work that went into the weekend for me, without it it wouldnt have been able to race there!

Garmin forerunner 310XT for my pacing

Puma Running technology for the SICK Eutopia2

And all the support from the spectators on the race route! great to have all this support, trully helps me to thrive 🙂

2nd On PODIUM... LAST year 3rd.. NYC 🙂


TIll later peepz, train smart, listen to your body and neverBACK DOWN! 🙂


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