Professional Triathlete

11 Global Cape Town 2011 RR.

Onto one of my faverouite Triathlon events the

Ryan Landy from 11 Global Has a great way of giving back, by means of development clinics.. ON the 17th & 18th of Feb 2011 there were 2 Development clinics allowing kids form Blue Downs and Atlantis a chance to learn to swim and get coached by myself/ Hendrik De Villiers and Bradley Weiss..

RYAN LANDY & MYSELF  BLUE DOWN"S SWIM CLINIC The swimming Clinics were great and helping the kids really showed me that giving back is really a gift to the kids. They had such an awsome time and learnt a lot in the process!

After the two days of Swimming clinics with Help from TSA, City of Cape Town and 11 Global is was time for the MAIN event, the RACE! 11 Gobal Cape Town took part last this Past sunday at Big Bay and WHAT a super day it turned out to be! I mean with a backround like this!!! WOW

WOW... Cape Town BABY!

Freezing 13.6degree Choppy water , 35km/h winds on the bike and a technical 10km running route would be on the agenda for the Race.

Out on The swim, i was with the Likes of Heather jackson top GB Triathlete and a few others trying to find out way back to Big bay Life Saving club, and the sun sizing made this a mission! Frozn hands and feet i climbed out of the water in a PB of 17:35 minutes which i couldent believe… Thanks goes to my TYR Hurricane wet suit visable on

TRY Hurricane Suit Race 2.... Nothing But SPEED!

From Swim to transition, seeing  a Transition full of bicycles just puts a MASSIFFFF Smile on my dial 🙂 Considering 2 years back mine would be the last bike left 🙂

ONto my trusty Steed Custom sprayed by AXUS bikes in Germany it was time to bang it against the wind of the Cape Doctor for about an Hour ! bike split abit out about 5km…  Bike time of 39km/h i did about a 1H01-02 minutes for 40km..


Bike DONE… And i had a Rather Shweet lead on Gerard De Bruin and Travis Johnston ” who came from Johannesburg to stay over and stay by me and Race”

Time for my Puma-Technology to get me through my run smoothly and softly! Using the Garmin Forerunner 310XT for pace-making i had a Lovely run holding an average pace of 3:23 min/km for a total run time of 33:35 for 9.85km..


1st Spot was mine,, 2nd Travis Johnston with a CRACKER of a run split around 34 and Gerhard Debruin in 3rd.

Ryan and 11 Global, TSA and City of Cape town.. Thanks for a SuperB event! Giving us Capetonians something great to look forwards to next year..

Happy with my race and now off to XTERRA Garbouw for the SA champs.. Hope to see you all there 🙂

Train Smart, Sleep well and never loose Hope!

PEace out, Rich




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