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Xterra Grabouw Nightmare!!

So My Plans of 2011 have been flying along smoothly untill Xterra Grabouw..

Prep and some MTB training for the past few weeks gave me a great hope at a podium position this past Saturday in Grabouw for the Sa Xterra Championships.

Mr Hugo, Conrad Stoltz , Nico Fitzenmyer ” Sorry Spelling”, Luwe Boonstra and Kent Horner were just some of the Big hitters out on the day. My A-Game was Sharpened and ready to hit the Hectic 1500m dam swim 25km Sandy and hilly MONSTER of a Mtb route and a Scenic and Hilly 10km Trail run..

A hectic training week prior to the Weekends race was probably a silly thing to do, considering I have 5 weeks racing under the belt..

Onto the race day, and legs were feeling great and ready to tackle the demanding Xterra route! With some 1200+ entrants and this being the largest off-road Triathlon in South Africa there was huge hype around the event which gave me quite a restless night on friday!

Parking……. Now this was a nightmare as I planned to warm up on my trainer , which was now about 2km from the event, never the less I would just hit out  nice run warm-up and be on my way down to the dark waters of Grabouw country club dam..

Transition was HECTIC with people racking every where “even is Pro Racking spots” and I could see that this wasnt an ITU event , as racking bikes against the fence may not be allowed! HAHA..

Down to the swim start we went and I was trying to get my arms alive again from my heavy 5km killer of a swim set on Wednesday ” which would prove to be the major influence in today’s outcome!”

The swim Start was REALLY bad as swimming  with very inexperienced triathletes just causes havoc.

Within 50meters ,I had been punched in my face about 3 times and my left goggle was now FULL of water.. HEad down and not being able to see where I was going, this was a bad start of note..

Swimming next to Luwe Boonstra and Raoul de Jongh ” Spelling again” we were in more of a boxing match then an open water swim..

At the 1st bouy i was close to the front and felt reasonable as we rounded the 1st bouy. Onto the 2nd bouy my arms begun to feel like led, and my duracell batteries got replaced with half recharged everyday 😦

Coming back to shore, it felt like a lifetime in the water, with the top guys swimming like a blind fish! Left, right, left ,right we went untill I started to drop off the back of the swimming pack..

MY Mind ” WHY the hell are my arms feeling SO bad!???” Soon after this I realized that the 5 weeks before and Wednesdays HECTIC swim set had eventually taken its toll on my body..

Out of the water I WALKED and under the danger take I walked with Raoul saying, come on mate this is a RACE!..

Needless to say my race was over before it even begun. I can normally see in the warm up how my arms are feeling, and today the just never woke up…

Bad day at the office for me, But as they say, without lows you will never reach highs!

A few days off was now part of my plan, and focusing on SA tri championships on the 20th March it is!

Takes me quite a while to get over a bad race like this, but in the end , im glad it happened at Xterra SA’s instead of my BIG race SA tri champs to come..

My lesson learnt this weekend was..Listen to my body, and taper before race!

I know it might sound obvious, but when u need to train for bigger races, these small races don’t really matter 🙂

Train smart, focus on your goals, EAT SLEEP LIVE TRIATHLON 🙂

PEace Out



Comments on: "Xterra Grabouw Nightmare!!" (2)

  1. These things happen. By the way, I was saying “come on, a long way left to race” – trying to encourage you to keep going. I almost pulled out at Xterra Buffelspoort after the swim but got on the bike and felt better.

    Rest up, recover and see you out there…

    • Thanks Mate… I shoulda just carried on.. But was REALLY negative..
      Catch you soon mate! Need to come and chat about my site a bit with you!


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