Professional Triathlete

So…. looks like my 2011 will get off to 4 ITU events before I leave for Germany on the 29th May!Buuuya

ITU continental Cup in P.E will also be SA triathlon champs , and this will be my 1st real place to gain ITU points for 2011! Moving onto  the Olympic year, gaining enough ITU points this year will secure me a spot in the RSA team :-).There are only 2 spots available

I have “Luckily” been put up onto 2 great start lists for Antalya , Turkey and Quarteria-Portugal..with GREAT help from Debbie Alexander at TSA.

Event start lists seen on:

I’m really keen to get into this years major events, and to show the world what im made of! P.E will be a small taste of whats to come, but keen to see how my base/build phase has come along 🙂




Above , a picture of myself at the swimming clinic held by 11 Global,Western Province Tri-association and City of Cape Town. Ryan Landy from 11 Global has another african event, 11 Global Sun City , if you keen to race another superB event check out


Still in search of some financial sponsorship for international racing. Hopefully after this season I will be financially stable and can focus 100% on my progression in the sport! Check out my CV if you can help out!

This week coming , I will taper towards SA’s in Port Elizabethand  and hope for a top 3 finish! After Sa’s I will build through till I  leave for Turkey on the 3rd April and 9th in Quarteiria..

Check this link, you will get goosebumps!

Keep focused, keep humble and never slow down!

Peace out

Rich *


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