Professional Triathlete

So, i was ready and so was every one else! First chance at ITU points for the year, and the feild was very strong with Tim Don (GRB) ,Erhard WOlfhaardt , Claude Eksteen and Hendrik de villiers to name a few..

Training has been great, and apart from my slight slip up at Xterra Gabouw “Which didnt really mean much” I was amped and ready to dish out some punishment at SA tri champs in P.E.

On my way up to P.E i had a rather interesting  flight up with Kalula..They decided to overbook the flight , and this the left me with a seat, that I BET no1 else reading this would have had on a plane before…. Check picture below..! Was quite scary actually..




So, sitting next to James and Rian would be my captain and co-pilot on my way to P.E… I even managed to take a Video of the landing… Check this out 🙂

So, after this insane experience, it was off to the Raddison Blue 5star hotel with the BSG-Elite triathlon team , and appart from my bike not accompanying me, everything was hunky dory 🙂

With great help from SAA , yes i know i did rip them off for my Maritius trip, but they gained my love back by bringing my bike to our hotel! Bike prepped, legs massaged and a huge pasta would be the rest of my satruday in P.E.

Morning run, and I was PUMPED  for a great race 🙂

ON morning of event water temp was +-20degrees and was decided to be a NON-weituit swim. For me this definatly plays into the cards of the other athletes as my swimming is slow without my TRY Hurricane 😦  !

Lined up, and we were ready to ROCK AND ROLL..




SO, down to the beach we went, with some very anxious animals ready to attack the Indian Ocean..

Swim start went great and I  got into a great rhythem towards bouy 1, which had a huge #2 on it , YEa go figure T.I.A . Smashing another triathlete on my left who seemed to be swimming into me ” cOuld have been me swimming skew” we all soon engulfed the bouy with arms flairing and foreheads getting slapped, we were off to bouy  2 showing  #1 haha.. Lost feet between bouy#2 and bouy #1 and from here on, it was suffer suffer till i exited the water about 3 minutes behind.. Big F-up in my mind!

Off onto the bike, and i was really hurting and PEEVED of due to my terrible performance in the water! With 3min down, i needed a cracking bike and run to save my chances at recieving ITU points.



The bike was ON, and I soon found myself in no-mans land. This is a big problem and I soon realized, a WORLD of hurt was apon me. I needed to catch the 2 European athletes about 30sec infront.. I put the hammer down, and cant re-call the last time I was in such agony on the bike, must have been my highest heart rate !

5km in I caught the Euro Guys and  Theo Blignaut we soon started working  together ,with 2 bunches lying about 3min and 4-5min ahead of us..

The 2 Euopean athletes seem to tire towards the last lap, and had to push then through to keep the pace high in our pack, otherwise I would loose MAJOR time to Tim and the other boys.!

RUN TIME, and i was 5min down, and I needed to keep it there. Tim DOn being capable of a 29min 10km this would be some task for me 🙂

INto my new  Flourescent Green FAAS500,

I stepped  and was soon pounding the hot tar towards the finish line! With the FAAS300 comming out soon , I really cant wait to get my hands on some 🙂 FAAS from Puma are new shoes that are really at the leading front to technology!

Running onto lap 2, and the crowd could not have been louder! With around 1000 people shouting my surname, there was no way I couldent get ITU points!

Great thanks goes to all who were out there in the heat of the day shouting and supporting us, TRULLY apreciate it 🙂

Lindsey Parry/My father and Mother were such a help and would tell me splits and how far back I was , and before I would loose out on ITU points..

I was 15seconds  from not getting any points, so my run split would need to be the same as MR Don, Nothing short of a Blitz running to get Points!

Sprinting the last 400m , at the thaught of not gaining ITU points and breaking down to the ground after the finish line, I had given it my ALL!! Was just hoping that it was enough!

3rd U23in South Africa Behind Wikus Weber and Rudolf Naude. Not such a great position, But then again…. I gained 109ITU points to add to my 91Points ! This then moved me from 281 to 183 in the WORLD… So all in all, great day, despite the bad placing in SA champs.






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