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Over the past week or so I have been staying in Alcorcon Madrid, and have raced in Turkey and Portugal! Both races in which I was able to obtain ITU points and move my ranking up in the world 🙂

Realy Cramped for time and its 1am in the morning already, so just some Pics and a short write up about my race in Portugal on the 9th April in Quarteira 🙂

We slightly lost track , when we were out cycling when we saw some great graffiti and soonstarted a photo shoot 🙂 And my first time giving my bike a WHeelie! was great fun with Daniel Rodriguez

A big thanks goes to Daniel Rodriguez and His family ” Louredes” “Folgenthio” “Maria” and “Ruben. Thier hospitallity has been something to remember! Such kind people, willing to go out of their way to accomadate me for more than a week.. Trully amazing people and shall be back soon to Alcorcon 🙂 Food,training,weather and this family has been AMAZING ..

I wanted to ride a BULL, but this had to do.. OWell, NEXT time 🙂 OLEEE This pic was taken on the way to Portugal, the trip took 7hours and I travelled with the Rodriguez family.. and as you can see, was a bit boared !

Number 19 on Start list was great compared to 70″s last year 🙂

Event in Quarteira didn’t go as planned, was hoping for a top 20 atleast to get some ITU points… The swim was VERRY choppy , very similar to Turkey, and thus I was at a disadvantage from the get go, NOT BEING THE STRONGEST SWIMMER”..

A few minutes back off the swim I soon gained confidence on the bike and was cycling VERY well with a German athlete and we managed hit the following splits …

Onto the run, and the low position on the bike from trying to get aerodynamic and the 2 gel’s I ingested caused me to have stomach cramps and loose MAJOR time on the run… a 38min 10km, WOW haha.

In the end , managed to finish with an APPAULING time of 2H03min but ATLEAST I finished and gained 48th spot out of about 70 Odd.. my mission was never to give up!!! No matter what 🙂

Pic above is just before start, with my new Suit filled with all my amazing sponsors, really appreciate you all 🙂

Dani and me in Madrid centre, was great to finally get out and see Madrid a bit, ate some Calamari sandwiches and had some epic chats about traithlons 🙂

Last pic i swear 🙂 got my suit put up in a tri-shop called TRICYCLES, and got a cool pair of VISION mini TT bars aswell:-) check out thier shop on


SO, later today, as now its just passed 1am.. shall be travelling back to Cape town and later this week on sunday will be competing in the Monentum I-flex duathlon series Powerd by PreptoPro .. and im VERY keen to get onto my MTB 🙂 Last year my jockey wheel screw managed to unscrew its’self, so this year and back with vengance !!!


TIll next week folks 🙂 Thats all from me!






Comments on: "Quarteira ITU continental Cup and my TIme in Alcorcon-Madrid" (2)

  1. theoblignaut said:

    Hey Man. i am so sorry about all your bad luck but looks like you had some good fun. have a safe trip back to RSA. looking fowoard training together in PTA.

    • Shot boet! Was a learning experience again 🙂 Also early in season !! Keen to come to Pta to train with you guys and get
      my swim down to 18min again 🙂
      See you next week bro!

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