Professional Triathlete

Many of us, use sleep to recharge our batteries so the next day we can do our day-day activities..As a triathlete, this is slighlty more complicated, and requires the correct amounts and times to yeild the required result..

Now in Pretoria, I have found that sleep isn’t only enjoyable but now part of my daily routine. Training volumes/altitude and nutritional intake all forms part of calculating the hours I need to sleep..I find now, Early morning training, breakfast-#middagslaapie – light lunch-training- Supper and 8-9hours sleep is just what is needed!

During sleep your body is at its lowest Heart rate, thus alowing your muscles & mind to reboot. Without this ,your body would not be able to function correctly and thus being a professional triathlete, sleep has become more important than I expected.

In Spain-Alcorcon earlier this year, I spent 2 weeks with Professional Spanish athlete Daniel Rodriguez, and found thier schedule  is far different from my own.. Things such as 9-10am wake-up /CIESTA 🙂 and doing last training session at 6-7pm in the evening was quite a shock to my system!

I soon found that South African triathletes were just 2Hours + behind and the sun went down later in Spain.. But this then sparked an idea in my mind… Sleep late,Ciesta and training when we would wake up, allowed my body to recover better as I would rest at correct times..

On another side of this topic, ITU events ” International Triathlon Union” races are normally in the evenings, not like longer distance “Iron/Half Iron” events. ITU events normally ranging from 1-4pm starts and even some sprint races being 5-7pm starts.If I woke up later , it would bennefit my performance in the race….

THINK LIKE THIS.. LATE sleeping-9-10am, 1st session at 11pm +- the body would have used less calories , and would be more awake than waking up at 5-6am.. and by 1-3pm the body has already been through 3/4 of its day, resulting in the body using more energy, and a weaker preformance.

The ideas above, may be right, or may be wrong.. But for me seems like a fair conclusion, and I rate when In germany this year, I shall impliment this and see if there is any sort of bennefit!!

On another topic, this weekend “being in RSA” we are starting at 9am, PERFECT for my sleep/awake zones, and I will be racing the event Below.. on the 15th May


TIll Next Sunday 🙂

Keep your sleeping to a MAXIMUM !


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