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Success at my faverouite venue P.E


My local racing seen has picked up and training has been going very well here in Pretoria with team mates and coach – Lindsey Parry.

Where the Pain Happens!


I made my way to Port Elizabeth for the 3rd event in the Momentum I-flex duathlon series and boy would I let the hounds loose in this event.

Ending my 4day recovery block on Saturday the 7th I would start my 10 day phase ending Tuesday the 18th.. This then meant training through the race on the 15th May.

Flying to Port Elizabeth on the 14th may I had a small case of flu and tight chest,  which only put negative thoughts in head , but thoughts of a great race were also present! J

Staying at the Southern Sun hotel Saturday night, and a 1h30 cycle and 3km swim was done on Saturday which for me is very unusual pre race day prep, BUT then again, I need to get to another level, and can taper for small local events!

Race day dawned, and after my restless sleep, where I swung my leg over to Wian Sullwald’s “BSG team member” side of the bed, waking us both ,he told me he thaught a snake was crawling up his leg!

We were down for brekki and some COFFE!! J Weather was over cast but my body felt great, and Wian-myself and Adrea Styn made our way down to the race Venue at Pollock Beach.

Pre race interview done, and a squeaky clean pair of Puma FAAS300’s on my feet, I was ready for WAR!!!

The 1st 2.5km were at a break neck speed of +- 2:50min/km thanks to Michael Davidson which was soon slowed down to 3:10/km for the 2nd part of the 5km run going past the transition. Wian Sullwald having been sick during the week opted out of the bike leg as his heart rate was irregularly high and was feeling dizzy “good option Mate!”

Johan,Brand,WIan and Myself BANGING out 3min/km

Run Split : for 5km –

Onto the bike, after missing the rack where I put my bike,due to the kiddies rack being removed, we were soon banging out about 900kw on our fietsikels.

On the bike it was Brand du Plessis , Michael Davidson , Myself and Johan Pretorius “2003 World Student Games Gold for 1500m in 3:38min!)

We were soon rolling nicely, until we hit the predicted headwind, which is normal in Port Elizabeth races. Slowing the pace saw me getting irritated, and about 4 attacks came from my side to make the race more interesting, non of which progresses to any more than 25meters.

 Bike Splits :

Half way on the bike, and I saw an opportunity to inflict some hurt on the speedy Johan and Michael with a nice climb from 18-20km. The bike being 40km I would need a keen accompliss to slaughter the last 20km back to transition, and this would be Brand du Plessis.

Up the hill I sprinted, leaving Michael and Johan behind, luckily Brand was very aware of my move and we were soon on our way with a nice 100m lead before the turn around. On the way back, some chaos was abloom as cars from behind were trying to pass the lead police car getting tangled in the mess at around 50km/h was exciting to say the least.


I planned with Brand to work 1min at the front each, to share the load and to put some time into the guys behind, but a 3min lead after the bike was not really needed for a 2.5km run..

Run Split : for 2.5km

ON this run, I needed to go HARD from the get go, Puma’s on my feet, not even time for my BSG racing cap this time round! I was out of transition like I had stolen a TV ,and was soon into a pace of 2:40-2:50min/km for the 1st 800meters. This pace gave me the lead and a nice gap between myself and Brand. My last run split was 7:30min for the 2.5km and crossing the line at my faverouite place to race, is truly amazing.

Big thanks goes to my Title Sponsor BSG, without I would not even have raced. My parents for driving out from Cape Town to watch me, and my team mates always helpful and kind .

This was my last race in South Africa till I return for the ITU All African Triathlon Championships in Maputo-Mozambique on the 3rd July 2011.

BRAND explaining somthing really funny...

This year has been amazing so far, and now that the build is half way through, it is Time for a BIG event ITU Brasschaat-Belguim on the 29th May where some of the Best in the WORLD will be racing!! Last year read up on what happened!….


Till next time peeps…. Never loose hope, never back down and NEVER give up your fighting ambitions!




Comments on: "Win at Momentum I-flex duathlon IN P.E" (2)

  1. Good work and an interesting read, Richard.

    A completely unbiased (haha) report of the same race is available here:

  2. Richard an awesome win and race! All the best for racing overseas. Keep us posted.

    Kind regards,

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