Professional Triathlete

Coming to Europe has been in the cards since 2007 and I find that coming here is vital to my progress every year…

I first have a few months of base in Cape Town/ Stellenbosch then I move to Johannesburg for some altitude training February- may. After this I move to Germany-Sigmaringen till World Triathlon champs in September. PRETTY radical if you ask me !

Sigmaringen-Germany is an hour South of Stuttgart “for those who have NEVER heard of it”


This small village/town is live with culture/Castles and old people, and has many things to do and see, although I haven’t had much free time to explore them YET!
The reason: WHY Sigmaringen may jump to your mind? Why so far from home “RSA” and why a tiny village in the middle of know-where? Well, this place is, AWSOME for cycling. Flat-hilly-technical are some of the attributes it has with regards to pushing my big blade… Then there are forests for running in , endless trails and  a tartan track is within 3.5km “long way around” or 1.3km uphill … SO a great warm-up and cool-down.

So ,scenic, safe, relaxing and enjoyable for the running and cycling so far! Looking good  🙂
Then there is a 50meter outdoor “semi –heated” swimming pool at 25-26degrees on most days.

THE- FREIBAD " swimming pool"

With my swim still in need of some attention, this provides a great place to swim until blood comes from my eyes . Although I try to stop just before that occurs !
I find that here in Sigmaringen, the people are calm and relaxed, and don’t try run us over when we cycle 2 abroad on the main roads…

NEAR - LAKE KONSTANZ what a ride!

they wait until its COMPLETLY safe before they pass us. All these small things, makes one keen to come to race for team ALZ-Sigmaringen.
I will be racing for team ALZ-Sigmaringen whilst here in Germany , although I will only be able to do 1 LBS-Liga “second league” race and 1 Bundesliga “1st division German” race, I will do all I can to get the team higher on the score boards  🙂


I find when here, in Sigmaringen, I am at ease and it reminds me of the days when I used to live on our farm… its peace and tranquillity allows one to focus on what’s REALLY important in life, TRIATHLON!
After picking up a minor, viral infection on Tuesday evening after my HECTIC track session in the rain, I hope to recover to race this Sunday at Schomberg where last year I won!
Training here is GREAT especially that there are 6 of us here now, and that we all are TRIATHLON addicts, it makes things more enjoyable

Till my “Possible” race report Sunday evening.. Never forget to “LIVE A LITTLE”! Life is busy people


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  1. Hey RIchard,
    Get rid of those lurgy bugs and give it stick.Go man Go!
    P n G

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