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Hansgrohe – World Sprint Offenburg.

Thursday evening I was on twitter and saw that Javier Gomez was racing in Offenburg – Germany….about 2h drive from Sigmaringen. Soon after this I heard the prize money was 10 000USD, 5 000 USD and 2 000 USD so I started planning to race in Offenburg!


With 2 World Champions on the start list and about 10 other German athletes my chances for a top3 was possible… Finding out that the 400m swim was now a 750m swim changed things in my mind, but then I thought, I need to swim 1500m against these top guys soon! GIVE it a GO

Planning started and I emailed Daniel Unger 2007 World Champion and begged him to get me on the start list for the event. About 5minets later I was on the start list with thanks to Jorg, the organiser of the event.

On the start list I needed to find means of getting to Offenburg… Train, rental-car OR Asking to use “fronk the tonk” the Ford Transit Van from the New Zealand Triathlon team.

Fronk was found out to be the best idea, and cheapest, so with bike packed and kit ready we hit the road. Fronk needed to hit the watering hole and I gave him 40Euro to drink. 140km from Sigmaringen-Offenburg with Carl Read as my driver/manager was smooth and relaxing and we got there at 2pm with the race starting at 17:30pm and the women at 16:00pm.


Meeting Javier Gomez was really amazing, what an inspirational/humble and amazing guy! Soon things were heating up, and my bike was ready in transition along with 14 other athletes.

Gomez and Myself

The temperature was perfect and the crowd was huge! A great start to the race saw me in 5th position behind Javier Gomez and Daniel Unger. Out the swim and with Heart rate in the high 190’s we made our way into transition and out onto the 20km bike…

This bike leg I recon was the fastest I’ve done in ages, doing 43.1km/h average. On the bike leg we lost 1min +- to Gomez and Unger as our bunch had Daniel Unger’s triathletes, who in turn held up our progression on the bike.

AXUS..........Just Perfect!

Off the bike and time to SMASH a 15min/5km run J and I managed a 15:04 with not much of a problem… Javier came in with the win, and a 14:30min run followed by Daniel Unger in 3rd and I managed to catch the 3rd spot runner gaining 3rd spot for the day and some Nice Dollars

I have had great experiences in Offenburg, and will DEF be back for more!

I have also found that in sprint races I have a better chance at podium against good athletes, as the swim is shorter allowing me to be closer after 750m

Following race was World Championship Series ITU in Hamburg 16/07-11.

 Name: Murray, Richard

Swim: 0:09:43.3

Bike: 0:28:55.5

Run: 0:15:02.4

Difference from winner:  01:27


Comments on: "Gomez- 1st , Unger 2nd , Murray 3rd – Offenburg Super Sprint" (3)

  1. Benoit Girodeau said:

    Congrats mate you rock !!!

  2. Stefan Leuthner said:

    Hi man,
    saw the race (talking to you and your driver shortly before the race telling you I used to stay in RSA). Excellent run! Go for the olympics and get a medal for your wonderful country!

    Stefan Leuthner

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