Professional Triathlete

After offenburg World SUper sprint I made my way over to Hamburg WOrld Championship series race..

This was only planned about 3 days before hand “due to getting on the star list” and I was on the brink of getting acute bronchitis again, so REALLY was quite pre ocupied with life and training in general–

My chest got worse towards the race but I was so determined to race that I pulled up on the start line , SICK as a dog, “very stupid” and started . I travelled all the way and was there anyway so was always worth a try. Falling to pitch for the race would have had terrible reprocussions.

The race went as planned, swim “almost died as felt weak” 3 laps on bike then pulled out.. 🙂 was part of the plan and the crowed was INSANE… so I had fun..

After this I made my way back home and managed to get rid of my chest infection “with help to pushing myself in Hamburg” This wasent wise, but I really didnt have much of a choice.

3 weeks of training, and NO racing , and I was running like a V12 twin turbo ready to hit the streets of quiet Hungary “Tiszaujvaros World Cup on the 14th August ”

My parents even managed to come through, as they had business in Budapest some 170km from Tiszy 🙂 having not seen them for a while It was a great surprize ! I stayed with them in Budapest for the night and in the morning we made the trip by car to Tiszy.

Tiszy being my 2nd ITU World Cup race of my career would be a very important race indeed!!! So i got through my pre race days and was feeling very smooth and Kenyan like…. “this is when my arms feel very light” and i can smash them the following day, GOOOD AND PROPPER!

Race day dawned, and with my team mate Claude Eksteen we made our way down to the lake which was not far from our hotel “Phoenix”.

Non wetsuit swim, of 1500m a 40km bike with some technical corners in it…. and a nice 10k run to finish it off. We all hit the water with a crack and were soon smashing eachother towards the 1st set of bouys 🙂

From the 1st set of bouys on, it was utter chaos!! I reccon, this race is now officially the roughest swim i have done to date, mainly due to the small starting blocks from the pontoon we dove off.

So, the swim was appauling, BUT i managed to keep my head down and arms swimming to finish 5th Last 61st out of the water… TIME to smash my big blade i thaught.

The bike had a connection towards the town of +- 8km and then 7 laps of 4.9km , and did it hurt,  as we averaged 43.7km/h as shown on myGARMIN forerunner 310XT..

On the bike i worked like a dog, and we managed to catch the 2nd large pack with was about 45sec ahead of us be the end of the 1st lap. When in the pack I found that i became lazy and started to fall sleep.. so when Ivan rana “previous world champion” attached I was happy to go with him 🙂

I then attacked him, which we didnt seem very pleased about, and the was not sure weather to keep going or wait for the bunch—

I KEPT going and found 3 others to ride with towards the Transition area 2 , BIKE-RUN–

I realized my legs were shot on the bike already as the begun to cramp up… SO I knew i needed to keeo within myself on the run to hold my position, 3:10min/km would do the job as I managed a 31:33min run for the 10km, which I was happy with due to the severe cramps I got in my left quad and hamstring..

I managed to get top 10, at my second world cup, and this tells me, that I can mix it up with the big guys….. I am really happy with how things worked out.. and Look forward to this weekend, for the World Sprint champs in Lausanne Switzerland on Saturday 🙂 Sunday Our team RSA “Gillian Sanders-Carlyn Fisher -Rudolf naude and myself will be racing the team sprint relay and hope for a good one there aswell..

SO, this is a MASSIF report, But a LONG time of no blogging, and NO laptop due to a virus is most likley the colporate 🙂

Till after Lausanne world Sprint champs…. Focus on the small things, and you will get places!!

Pos First Name Last Name Country   Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
1 Brent McMahon CAN   01:48:16 00:18:09 00:00:26 00:58:00 00:00:26 00:31:16
2 Aaron Harris GBR   01:48:22 00:18:08 00:00:26 00:58:04 00:00:23 00:31:23
3 Akos Vanek HUN   01:48:43 00:17:59 00:00:25 00:58:10 00:00:23 00:31:47
4 igor Polyanskiy RUS   01:49:08 00:17:53 00:00:26 00:58:15 00:00:26 00:32:08
5 Crisanto Grajales MEX   01:49:20 00:18:26 00:00:25 00:59:41 00:00:25 00:30:25
6 Jose Miguel Perez ESP   01:49:26 00:18:22 00:00:26 00:59:44 00:00:27 00:30:29
7 Adam Bowden GBR   01:49:35 00:18:34 00:00:26 00:59:30 00:00:26 00:30:40
8 Richard Murray RSA   01:49:39 00:19:15 00:00:26 00:58:04 00:00:21 00:31:33
9 Matthew Sharp GBR   01:49:42 00:18:13 00:00:26 00:59:05 00:00:26 00:31:32
10 Rostyslav Pevtsov UKR   01:49:48 00:18:40 00:00:26 00:59:26 00:00:27  



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