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Murray’s Olympic dream

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Wednesday August 17, 2011
By Mark Etheridge

Richard Murray’s next step in his Olympic dream will be taken in Lausanne, Switzerland this weekend when he will be in action not once, but twice.

The Cape athlete had his best World Cup finish in Hungary at the weekend when he placed eighth in the Tiszaujvaros leg of the competition. Now he tackles the World Sprint Championships as well as the World Team Sprint event.

An excited Murray, 22, shared his race experience and future dreams with Road to London 2012 this week. “It certainly looks like my Olympic dream isn’t going to be a dream for long.

“My race in Hungary went almost as planned except for the swim where I only came out in 61st position. But on the bike I worked so hard and managed to catch the second pack and then was one minute down on the front bunch of seven guys up the road.

“I had the third fastest bike split but then I still needed to run and I was cramping. I ran through two BIG cramps and held out for eighth spot.”

Murray’s efforts saw him moving up to 78th in the world rankings and 81st in the Olympic rankings (a jump of 26 places) but he knows there’s still lots of work to do.

“I really need to hit the top 20 to get to the Olympics which is a very hard thing to achieve but my take on it is that if there aren’t dreams in life we’ll never aspire to be great.

After taking part in the sprint event on Saturday Murray will link up with fellow SA athletes Rudolf Naude, Gillian Sanders and Carlyn Fisher in the team event the next day

The World Cup events involved a 1500-metre swim, 40 kilometre cycle and 10km run. The sprint event is exactly half that distance (750m/20km/5km).

For Sunday’s team event things get even more frenetic – each member will complete a super-sprint distance triathlon, made up for a 275m swim, 6km bike and 1.5km run before tagging their next team-mate.

Proud Partners to the South African
Olympic Team – London 2012


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