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Hey My Dear followers..


Unfortunatly in China they dont allow FAcebok, Twitter or any Social media of any sort, so Cant rally inform you of my new Post from this years Lead up for me to World Triathlon Championships in Beijing -China on the 11th Sept..

GReat pre race 2 weeks before hand “Great to get some speed before the BIG ONE” in Grimma where I won beating most of the BEST german triathletes and even international Star Will Clarke 🙂

Week following i didnt feel as grand as expected, and fell into a hole mid week . Body wasent to pleased with 10 hours in the car and an attempt at a HARD swimming set.. I thus took almost the whole Weekend off, and ate like a BEAST 🙂

I find this does the trick, along with some stretching,massages and SLEEP!

Soon after this, i was in a flurry trying to pack all my gear to head off to Beijing China this past MOnday 5th September.I had to leave a TT helmet along with a mass of 10.53kg of cothing shoes and other training equipment. NOT the end of the world! Shall be raiding PUMA when I arrive back in RSA for some Summer kit!

Smoothe flight to Beijing, even though my bike cost EURO 150 again to ship, everything went quite well..

A bit jet lagged and stinky on arrival, a short run was followed by dinner at Pizza Hut on Monday night.

Still bit woried about how my body would respond to some intensity , I hit the water with the TSA Elite group and funnily enough body felt very smooth and fast in the water ! “SHOWS what rest and eating does!”


My Back wheel skuwer/Axel managed to get broken and now i cannot remove it or out it into my bicycle…. SHall be in search of the Speciaized Bike mechanic Dylan either today or tomorrow to get it pulled out so i can use the wheel..

Race will be on Saturday here at 12:30pm which is 6:30am in African Time Live up on triathlonlive on the ITU website!

I really do hope this race goes well, BIG points, BIG money and a LOT on the line for me this weekend! SO hold thumbs Fingures , grannys and what ever you need to so i can have a sterling performance !!


Thanks to all my readers and followers, really appreciate all the attention and love!

Keep well, keep focused…. When in doubt , LEAVE it out!
Race hard, train smart!


Comments on: "World Champs “ELite” 1time around , China ANd Life." (1)


    the home team will be riveted to the big screen in the loiunge and wishing you well, if you don’t win then make sure the guys in front of you are totaly finished at the finish line.

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