Professional Triathlete

Biggest race of the year, and im pleased to say i didn’t disappoint myself !

10th Of September 2011 , a Saturday at 12:36am in Beijing China was the World Triathlon Championships Grand Final, and I would be doing my 2nd World Champs Series race of my career.


A Bit nervous and anxious coming into the week before the event and a bit worried on how my performance would be, I took a few days VERY easy to rest my mind and body “Red Bull” HAHA

Travelling to China on the Tuesday the week of the race, I was ready for hot and humid race conditions and was quite pumped to put all my years hard work to practice!

Great pre race eating at Pizza Hut and superb accomadation at the Sinopec Conference Centre, I was warmed up and ready to give it my all in my real first World Race with the best.

GREAT accom! Loved  it!

Pre race day 30min bike, Open water 750m swim in the amazing resivouir and my customary 20min run with builds to MAX speed and I was PUMPED to go!

Race day had dawned, and I was soon out the door for my morning race day shuffle with Claude Eksteen in the rain.. Seemed like it would be a wet one at the office, not something everyone has to deal with haha.

All set up in transition and weather really turning nasty outside , Claude and myself made our way to the swim start which was a dungting  1500m straight swim loop with the 1st bouy some 675m WOW.

Swim warm up done, all lined up……. IT WAS GO TIME!

“IN my mind” – I’ve done the hard work, 11 months of prep, sickness-health and obsticles in my way.

Ill do all i can not to loose the bunch in the swim.

Head down, arms swinging we were off after the pirates of the caribean had died and the airhorn had blasted.

78 of us headed through the 1500m with a rather smooth swim. I had the best sigjht in the water that day… Red tri suit with a SPECIALIZED logo on the leg, Javier Gomez 2011 World Champion, WOW i was amazed, was like seeing a mermaid !

Swim went well but i was about 5th last out of the water some 1min +- down on the Brownlle Boys!

Out the swim, and Chris McCormack said to me coming into transition “What the hell was that?!” I returned with Mate i have NO idea! Haha.

Onto the bike, and with MAcca on the front ,we were nailing it through the 40km  of 6×6.67km  loop bike route with a nasty HILL! Boy was it cold and dirty, as the roads were dirty and grimy!

Off the bike, and i was about 35th place and it would be down to the run to try and make up some places and get some more ITU + Olympic ranking points..

On the run, i went out way to hard, and paid the price on the 2nd lap as i started to cramp due to the cold and the exertion of my quads and hamstrings.

I tapped off a bit, and Macca and Todd Leickie managed to catch and pass me.

I told myself to hold onto them, as they were going on a great pace about 31min/10km. I really dug deep and kept them just ahead of me until the last short steep hill back towards the finish.. About 32nd then I put the hammer down and left Macca and Todd and soon caught Joa Silva and Chris Gemmel .

I was now 28th and would have loved the place, but unfortunately both Chris and Joa had more left in the tank and sprinted past me towards the finish area and i managed 30th place..

GEAT race, amazing to race against the best!!! I find this year i have moved closer and closer to where i would like to be, I still need 1 min in the swim, and i think this off season i shall be joining a swimming squad and doing some HURT again to improve my swim!

This year has been amazing, and the people in my life here to share it with me, make it that little bit more worth while!


I would like to thank

Triathlon South Africa for supporting me in many different ways,

– A trully great team and company for assisting me.




For being a partnering me on my journey this year


MA + PA – Putting up with my crap during this hectic Points  year

Friends and Fam in JOzi – Love your little messages! Good to know fam is there


And everyone who reads my blog from time to time !!

Peace be the Journey “CoolRunnings”

Till the BSG energade Series this coming October till December 2011, keep your pencil sharp !

IF you are keen for a challenge and have thaught of doing your 1st triathlon, check out where the BSG series will have somthing for everyone 🙂





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