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Suunto : My new Sponsor

So moving forwards I shall will be equiped with the new T6 Suunto Heart rate monitour… Black and yellow of cource!

Ultimo in JOhannesburg brings in many dirrerent Brands, and I thank David Harrington for the sponsorship with Suunto moving forwards.. His new SHop , just launched is called TribeMultisport and can be seen on this link

SUunto has a great internet upload feature  where analyzing workouts,courses and meeting new ahletes is possible..

It even lets one decide how you felt on the day, and MOST of mine gets a 🙂 face !

Im happy to be back with suunto after 2 years, and hope things will go well with them being it the all important Olympic year for me .

You can even have a Public page which displays …. WELL just have a look its a lot

I have just calibrated my Suunto Bke Pod on my road bike ,which took a mother and 1h30 to calibrate. It shows speed,distance and much more on my T6d watch!



HAve also managed to get my  Suunto foot pod working as well , which I will admit is quite KIEF! It does Speed – min/km distance and cadence .

Another great thing about this MINI foot pod it that it weighs only 10 grams , where the others were far more bulky and heavy!


Suunto shall be releasing some new models that wll rock the sports world ! So keep posted on my blog, as there is more to come from SUUNTO in the next few months!


Keep it real, and remember :



LOVE it!




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  1. Hello!

    M5 can be used for intervals?

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