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THings went as planned at Roodeplaat dam close to Pretoria this past sunday the 2nd October.. With a great bunch of races under my belt from the european season, my 1st BSG-energade triseries race lay await.

Traveling from Cape Town to O.R tambo on saturday evening and with thanks to Theo Blignaut for the airport pickup and accom, I was ready for race day on the sunday.

(left- ME) , (Centre- Theo) , (Right , Robyn)

WIth the heavens planning on opening on race day, I should have remembered a rain jacket 🙂 Woopzi..

Race morning was apon us, and so too was a thunderstorm .

My pre race interview done, and some camera footage done with myself prepping my bike in transition.. I was amped and keen for my 1st race of the new and improved BSG-energade series..

The outcome was as follows ; after some splashing, grinding and some feet slapping I am very pleased with my 1st place, even up at altitude!  🙂 Now for the rest of the series!

Colourful Podium indeed!!


I still find it quite amazing, that I went from Cape Town-Pretoria and now im in Huatulco(mexico) all within 5 days of each other… plus some jet lag and a race  🙂

Arrived in Mexico City at 12 midday on the 4th and left in a small Aeromexico  “pronounced Aeoho-Mehico” Connect heading to Huatulco on the 5th at 1pm , along with a few other triathletes from USA and CANADA.

I find it really relaxing and refreshing being able to travel as I do, and to go from culture to culture is also quite an eye-opener!

With no real big issues travelling to Huatulco, EXCEPT for not knowing I need a electronical visa 1h30 before my Cape town – Mexico City flight, everything els was smooth sailing!

Yesterday  on the 5th October , man i hate this 7 Hour time delay, went for a swim in the sea. This really let me unwind from my travels , and I really realized how fortunate I am to see such beauty!

With my “hopefully”  last ITU event for 2011 coming up this sunday the 9th , I really am hoping this season will end with a “good” bang 🙂

CATCH RACE LIVE AT 17:15 African Time on :

With regards to the jet lag factor……. I really am not able to sleep sitting up, so have been in a world of “night is day and day is night” at the moment..

If I had my own coffee machine, this issue would not be around haha..

With the humidity here around 100% and the weather being hot as hell.. This weekends race will be a hard one for sure!!

Till my race report from this weekend , have a great week people and remember that life is a journey, ENJOY the ride 🙂

Comments on: "Jet Lag – Talking…. and my 2nd BSG-energade Tri-series Win!" (2)

  1. Hello Richard,
    Let me introduce myself, I am Hervé Delaunay, manager of the “Sables Vendee Triathlon” (Elite French team). I carefully followed all of your results this season and I congratulate you for your work and your progress at international level. I will contact to see if you would be interested in signing a French club in order to evolve on our GPrix national races with the best in the world.

    Thank you for your contact.
    Best regards.

    H. delaunay

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