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My last ITU event of 2011 was Huatulco,Mexico World Cup and was an extreamly humid day in the saddle!!

A SHORT travel of 40 some hours took me through Ney York -JFK then to Mexico city and onto Huatulco the following day.

A great nights sleep at the Ramada Aeroport Hotel, and some Nacho’s was perfect!

Flying with SAA and AeroMexico , I caught a glimps of a great logo on the back of the plane!

From Mexico City to Huatulco,Mexico … we landed at the coolest landing strip ever..

As we were the only plane there, we got a great glimps of the massive terminal haha 🙂

A short wait to organise pick up at the resturant and myself and 4 other athletes from around the world travelled to our hotels with the ITU hotel pick-up bus..

Staying at the ITU host Hotel ,Castillo Hotel Mexico ,for the next few days… Things were planned and organised for a great pre race week..!

Prep for the race went very well, and I found that the Huatulco bike cource was a monster with a 20% gradient climb in it, which we would need to slay 8 times on the 40km bike route..

Bikes ready to head into transition and the weather around 30-35degrees !


Bikes through transition, which had a black carpet in it, and were then off to the ocean for the swim start !

Had an amazing start, with the swim being a 1000m loop and a 500m loop . I magnaged to have a great time in the splash and fists and was through into transition about 40th position which was good enough.


This event, “said to be hardest bike route in ITU” was a MONSTER of a lap.. It had 1 short hill and a mountain on the other end…. Ok, not really a mountain, but at 20% gradient for 300meters was INASNE !

I love the climbs, as  I was a mountain biker back in the day! Loved the hill and will be back for it next year 🙂

Riding the MONSTER


On the bike 2 packs formed, with the BIG names in the sport in pack one and myself in #2 it was vital that we hauled them in before the end of it..

on lap 5 we managed to catch the front pack which only had a 30″ lead on us at the start, and then it was down to a runners race 🙂 “isent it always!” .My kindof race!

WIth the Humidity up to 180% and it being about 35-36 degrees, hydration and the correct pace was a must on the demanding 10km run route of 4 laps.

As I am a rookie “STILL” i did the rookie thing and went out like the clappers on the 1st lap, and by the 2nd lap I was looking at a 30″ lead over the 2nd place..


ME…… In front of some of the best in ITU triathlon, hot as hell and the last 2 laps were going to make me or BREAK me!

Onto the 3rd lap and I was seeing stars 😦 In my mind I told myself to slow down, and finish atleast instead of passing out, which was how bad I felt.. I was on the verg of passing out on lap 3 and knew that my 30″ lead wold be swollowed up within the last lap!

Out onto last lap and Mat Charbot was on my heels and I knew that he was going to come flying past any second!…..

Im very glad with the way things turned out  and  2nd place at a World Cup. SOon after I also found out that I am the 2nd triathlete from South Afirca to stand on the podium  at a World Cup since since Hendrik Devilliers back in 2007.

I LOVE poppping the bottles 🙂 and next year…. Smoother-Faster and stronger RIchard !


This season could not have gone better to plan … I really appreciate all the great messages , emails , tweets and other types of media that I recieved before,during and especially after this BIGGY for me 🙂 You guys are trully the best !

A year ago, people told me to give up and to do duathlon..

I stated, you just wait and see, If I believe it I will achieve it! SO if you believe there is somthing you are capable of doing. GO out there… AND DO IT 🙂

NExt event for me, will be the BSG enegrade seires event #3 in Potchefstroom, and a race report will be follwing strain after this event!

OOooooh, also forgot, went on a MAD fishing trip the day after the event, where turtles-rays-dolfins and Sail fish were seen 🙂

One again, a thanks to

TSA- my biggest sponsor for the season!

BSG- FOr always believeing in me and following my dream every step of the way.

11 Global Tri Series- FOr bein such a great sponsor from April-September

Puma- for the SICK kit and running shoes over the year


And everyone els who has added to my performace in some way or the other! U guys Rock!


Over and out !


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  1. Great stuff Richard .. nice to see you living the dream …. a lot of people have big dreams but tiny talent .. nice to see you putting your loads of talent to good use! Keep it up! 🙂

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