Professional Triathlete

Glass Sucks!

So, after a GREAT spell of racing over the past few weeks… It all fell apart due to a piece of glass.


Today was my 2nd event in the BSG energade tri series, and after a HOT-one last weekend in Mexico … I landed into O.R Tambo this past Wednesday and was soon in for a surprise!

Going to stay with Travis Johnston soon change to going to stay with Grant Edmiston. This was due to MR Johnston having to take part at a cycle tour from Joburg to Durban, if I remember correctly 🙂 “Lucky BAsted”

So, moving into the Edmiston family, was such an easy and smooth process, with the feeling of real homeliness and care !

I would really like to thank this family for putting up with my trash talking, constant training/racing taking from Wednesday evening to saturday lunch time!

I truly find it amazing that a family would take me in for a week and treat me almost as their own……. Fantastic time spent in Fourways with a great bunch of people  and even a bout of training done aswell with Grant . Nicknamed “shuffle”

From the Edmiston’s to Potchefstroom was my next journey which I took in our fancy dancy Budget car rental VW kombi…. It only had 160km on the clock to start with and ran like a dream to Potch and back.

With the BSG team assembled and accom organised for the night, dinner was spent with many laughs and chirps over from the mixture of company at the table.

We soon learnt that “POCH” how the local call it, was actually a place fulled with VERY interesting and fun things to experience! HAHA  Info passed on from Erhardt and Roslyn 🙂

Race day dawned, and I will admit, I was a bit unprepared for the day! I woke and felt as though I had just shut my eyes..

Some weetbix inside, and some delicious  “vrugte slaai” the BSG Elite team headed down to the event at the Potchefstroom dam for a nother wonderful day in the sun.

WIth MANY a welldone and a congrats from athletes for my performance in Mexico the weekend before, I was soon into transition and run warm up done in my

PUMA – FAAS 300’s ….

With the amount of algae in the water it seemed like we would only be swiming 450meters and running/sliding over the other 300meters to complete the 750m swim.

All ready and time to go, we smashed it and were soon completeing the swim with a short push up and drag out of the water, as Vicky Vd Merwe so kindly shows below 🙂

As we warmed up ” NOT swimming, just the sun baking us” I decided we should show off our strong man/woman pose…. What do you think??

Needless to say… This post it about my issue with glass, so I guess i’ll get to the point ~ 🙂

With a great swim of 8:08min for 750meters of swimming ” more like 600″ I exited about 4th place and was really in the place for a top 3 podium if not a win on the day.


ONto the bike, and with around 12km to go, I must have hit a small piece of glass and my rear vittoria tyre “shall never use them again” blew out, and I was forced to pull out of such a great event ……. Arrrrg


I really did contemplate cycling on my carbon rim for the next 18minutes, but with a “almost” fall I soon realized that crashing out at this event would NOT be a grand thing to do!

With a great bit of sight seeing done on my dead straight walk in Potch of +-2km to the medical vehicle that just sat and watched me walk towards them  , I had a lift back to civilization and a bit of an anger run got done!

I find that after a great bout of racing, a bad race/luck is bound to follow… Nothing last forever as they sometimes say..

For the next day or 2 I shall be figuring out what I will get up to for the next 2 months, as even though I only got a small dent to a great season, things will be a’ changing 🙂

Also ,  if I hear the saying ” better luck next time” I shall truly lose it! 🙂

Till I talk trash again, and do my best to keep y’all entertained , have a great week

Rich *


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