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Delicious Dam water :-)

Past sunday was a great day ! Did a long run and was then off to Phisantekraal Dam with Clemens Coenen “Ironman king” Pops and mother with her fancy Canon Camera 🙂

All suited up in my TYR Hurricane wetsuit, we were ready for our photo shoot/Swimming session

With “trusty Pops” on the paddle ski, who needs a life saver at the dam 🙂

All the prep done, now it was time to actully swim for just 40mintues…. Seems like a lot of work, but I find open water swimming really enjoyable 🙂

Clemens Looking good in the water, was really great to have a buddy to swim with… Normally I dont get the luxury company !

TRaining DONE… we were soon of back to Durbanville where KFC lay await !

This weeks training been going quite well and ill be taking it easy friday and Saturday..Off to Durban-KZN on Saturday and will be racing the BSG-energade Triathlon Series at Midmar on Sunday !

Kill then… peace be the journey “Cool runnings “


Comments on: "Delicious Dam water :-)" (2)

  1. Hi Richard

    May I ask where is this dam, and is it open to the general public.


    • Hi Brent ..

      The dam is only open to the swimming event and other events sorry man

      Following events are :

      7 Jan. 2012 WP Open Water Challenge Three 10, 5, 3, 1km, 400m Fun swim Ashanti Dam, Paarl

      28 & 29 Jan. 2012 WP Open Water Champs 10, 5, 3, 1km, 400m Fun swim Ashanti Dam, Paarl
      25 & 26 Feb. 12 WP Extreme Open Water Challenge 25, 10, 5, 3, 1km, 400 m Clanwilliam Dam

      Hope this helps

      There is a Dam in Durbanville that I normally use aswell … PhisanteKraal Dam

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