Professional Triathlete

Miraculous Midmar

Midmar was the venue for the 4th  Bsg energade triathlon Series .. :

With a puncture in the previous event at Potchefstroom dam, my goal was to go all out on the bike and have a nice lead for the run 🙂

Flight through to King Shaka International landing with CEO of BSG Greg Reiss at 11:40 am we soon picked up Kate Robberts and were off to Howick for the day.

The usual arrive-unpack and head out for a ride was on the cards, and fortunatly my bike was in a good working order with a new pair of Continental Gatorskin tubbies !

A quick ride from our farm accom in Howick to Midmar took just 20min and was enough time to check that the tubbies were happily stuck to my rims and all gears were working well . Checking a bike before race day is VITAL to ensure that all is running well, as things may change after an african flight 🙂

A great swim in my TYR hurricane wetsuit, water +- 19degrees and clear as glass ! I had a short photo shoot with Supersport for my Road to London Profile !

Pre race bike and run done, the weather was still and relaxing out on the dam.. Have been looking forward to Midmar all year for some wierd reason 🙂

A few laughs with friends at the lake , and we rushed off back to watch the Lions and SHarks game ! Wanted the sharks to win 😦 !! At 6:30pm we left for dinner with the whole BSG team , and we ate at a great resturant only 4-5km away.

With a table of 19, the food took a while to come, but was all worth it once it had arrived .

Great pre race day was soon at an end and the BSG team headed off in our sponsored Budget Van to our farm 🙂 #PimpedOut

Race day came and so did the wind and clouds… With almost certainty in my mind of rain on the day, a perfect overcast day with +- 40km/h winds made for a tough race .

Bikes in transition and a pre race interview thrown in, we all set down to the water along with a million thorns also thrown in 😉 Many people getting thorns stuck in thier feet , I told some people to refur to Rule #5 /   .. and the thorns will stop being an issue!

Feeling good in my  warm-up , all 9 of us elites were side by side with 30sec to go.. A good sighting in the first 200meters saw me in the front bunch and we were all side by side untill the 1st bouy at around 220meters.. A short left turn, with no real fighting we were on our way back . Erhard Wolfhaard on my right the whole way, and Abrahm just in front of me I had a thaught that we were really not swimming that hard ? And I felt comfortable ??? This was a very wierd feeling that I was in control for the 1st tie in a swim… was a good feeling indeed.

Myself and Erhard in the front of the lead pack ,with Abrahm Louw just ahead and Henri Schoeman “fish-man” was around 15sec up on us..

Into transition my hurricane slipped down to hit hight, I threw my goggles and cap “into the box” and my suit came off with the stand and kick motion known by many 🙂

In my interview, I stated that “today, the hammer is going down”

Bike ride was a very unusual one with a MONSTER of a head wind on the way out and the tail wind on the way back was really something special .. Myself , Abrahm and Erhard were working very well together, with Young Henri hanging on to our bunch..

Coming in off the 20km bike and we managed a 30min20sec which is around 40km/h , Not to shabby .  On the bike I will admit, I was hurting !!! But as they say , no pain no gain 🙂

Abrahm- Left , Myself -Middle , Erhard - Right

With NO time to waste, our transitions were lightning fast , but I managed to get out 1st with help to my Puma Faas 300, really a good shoe..

Pumas Faas 300 is really a shoe for all porposes! Racing,training,causal almost everything can be done in a pair of them . With a Large range of colours and a super bouncy feel to them, they are a must try for any runner out there 🙂

Give one of the following stores a call, Im sure they will have stock !

I went out there like a 400meter athlete and did my best not to look back.. I find that once the cord is broken from the other athletes my mind is at ease and I can get into a nice rhythm !

Managing to pull away from Abrahm and Erhard out of transition, I put my head down and at the turn around point I saw that I had about 15-20sec lead over Erhard, JUST enough for my liking 🙂

with 2.5km back from the turn around to complete the 5km run, all I needed to do was to keep my cool and hold the pace. I realised that I needed this win to tie myself with Erhard for a 2-2 on the leader score board !

I came away with with my 1st win in Midmar and my 2nd win the the series . This really made me a happie chappie as it means that I can still win the series !

Top 5 Placings are below :

Pos Dist Surname Name Time Swim Bike Run
1 1 Murray Richard 0:56:31 0:09:39 0:30:20 0:16:31
2 2 Wolfaardt Erhard 0:57:06 0:09:38 0:30:22 0:17:05
3 3 Louw Abrahm 0:57:47 0:09:37 0:30:21 0:17:48
4 Schoeman Henri 1:00:42 0:08:57 0:31:24 0:20:20
5 Gore Glen 1:03:55 0:09:40 0:34:59 0:19:15

This coming week, quite a few things need to be dealt with but Im keen to get going 🙂

NExt wednesday the 10th a friend of mine Anton Ruanova “Spanish triathlete” will be coming to stay and train with me for around 4 months, should be a great experience for him to come to RSA !

Hope you have had a great weekend and things are looking up for the rest of the week .

Dont forget to push that BIG dog every day  and remember to clean your steed!

Rule #65

 / Maintain and respect your machine.

Bicycles must adhere to the Principle of Silence and as such must be meticulously maintained. It must be cherished, and when leaning it against a wall, must be leaned carefully such that only the bars, saddle, or tires come in contact with the wall or post.  This is true even when dismounting prior to collapsing after the World Championship Time Trial. No squeaks, creaks, or chain noise allowed. Only the soothing hum of your tires upon the tarmac and the rhythm of your breathing may be audible when riding. When riding the Pave, the sound of chain slap is acceptable. The Principle of Silence can be extended to say that if you are suffering such that your breathing begins to adversely effect the enjoyment of the other riders in the bunch, you are to summarily sit up and allow yourself to be dropped.10


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