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Footage Friday

This past friday, I met the man behind the writing for SASCOC – MArk Etheridge

A short interview followed the photo shoot done by a  cute girl from George – Kendall-Leigh

My World Cup MEdal 🙂

I picked up this beauty in Mexico ! My 1st ever podium at a World Cup triathlon ..

Getting FAAS down by the vineyards with help from PUMA

Took the following pics just below our hous in Durbanville Hills ! With a backdrop like this ,300 meters from your house, I still admire the view every time I run down that direction..

FAAS 300's in Red-white and yellow , R SHMAAT

Running clothing from puma is really something special! I love their range of USP running clothing is really comfy and very breathable 🙂

WIth the thought of growing a movember, I just decided to grow my beard everywhere as a MUSTACH doesn’t really look good on me !

IM still in search of a BICYCLE sponsor ... AXUS bike will need to do for now 🙂

After a great chat done with MArk and Kendall I was soon out the door for a proper run!

With my spanish friend ” Anton Ruanova” arriving this thursday , team race Wednesday with the ATC triathlon group and a lot of admin to get through before saturday… It look like this week is going to be a good one 🙂

This coming weekend, it is the BSG energade series event #5 in P.E , And I’ll be flying up this coming saturday and  driving back  to the Cape on monday!

TIll then, may the weather stay as nice as it is in Cape TOwn today 🙂




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  1. Well done Richard, nice to know we have someone in the ITU series that can go places. Keep up the solid racing, you still young and have the heart and mind to go places. Goodluck

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