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With 2 weeks  seperating the 4th and 5th event of the BSG energade Triathlon Series , we all headed for P.E this past Saturday the 13th November.

With my spanish mate Anton Ruanova “AKA – ZebraMan ) arriving the Thursday at 10am , things were great fun for Thursday and Friday last week ..

A short flight on BA from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth was all smooth sailing, and the BSG Elite triathlon team was soon settled in at the Raddison Blue Hotel!

That BIG thing in the background ... Had an AMAZING view 🙂

A good 45min bike was done with Abrahm Louw and Vicky Van de Merwe , but I will admit my legs were not feeling tops 😦  . We then went down after the bike for a quick swim at Hobbie Beach , which was more body surfing than anything else as the waves were SICK!

Leonardo’s was the place of feeding for the evening , and our table once again took up half of the resturant 🙂

A night of quality sleep was abruptly disturbed by a 5:30 am wake up call and Abrahm opening the curtains , thanks buddy ! haha

I went down for breakfast and managed to fit 2 scons/cheese/jam and meusily and milk down my neck . Was really sad staring at the sausages-bacon-eggs and all other sweet treats for breakfast!! I only had about 1h30 after breakfast before we would start, so a small breakfast it was!


Heading down to transition, the clouds looked VERY thretening, but this didnt dampen my mood 😉 We decided to head out in our tri- suits for a warm up, as it was then raining cats and dogs !

Warm up run done, and now saturated, we needed to pull on our TYR Hurricane wetsuits.. For those that dont know, pulling somthing rubber and tight on when wet… is a NIGHTMARE !!

Some sitting was needed to complete the mission 🙂

I needed to do the PUMA - USAIN BOLT ARMS

After a LOT of struggeling, the BSG team were all rubbered up with TYR and we head for the ocean .

Great to have the support of Jockey – Athoney Andrews at my side …..

WE go WAY back ....

With around  a 5 min swim up done, It was time to race ..

OFF we smashed , with young Henri Schoeman setting the fast pace up front, followed by Abrahm Louw-Anton Ruanova then myself . Once we passed the 1st bouy, Anton decided to turn right!  We need to round another bouy before turning , and thus made for a very wiggly windy swim indeed .















Out onto the bike, and the roads were extreamly slippery and dangerous! The bike went well untill we hit the turn around point….. Where there was no real turn around point.. We slowed down and turned in the road?? haha

ON the bike once again, there were people who worked, and others who just wheel sucked … Shall not mention names though 😉

Pushing the BIG DOG

WIth the hard work done on the bike, second’s before transition Abrahm Louw went down infront of me! IN the pic below, notice the angle of Abrahm’s front wheel ….. NOT ideal on a white line in the wet!

WHITE lines in the wet are a BEEUCH

Into transition behind Theo Blignaut , who may or may not have caused Abrahm Louw to fall, we were all doing the “BIKE-IN-HELMET OFF-SHOES-ON” motion and were soon on our way out onto the 5km  run route..

WIth a fast transition, with help to dry shoes under my towel, I was 1st out of transition and smashed the 1st 2km on the run 🙂 With a motobike and camera man with me most of the way, it was easy to keep my pace going ” for good footage sake ^_^”


I held me pace for the whole 5km , and was really feeling light on my feet… And I wil need to admit,  I really feel smooth and fast in my Puma’s 🙂

With a good lead over Claude Eksteen at the half way mark, I noticed that Abrahm Louw was back with Henri Schoeman, Peieter Vad Der Mesch and The Blignaut just behind .

I really love the feeling of being in control of a race after the bike, and I will do my best to keep on pushing my limits every time I hit a race !

With a good 50sec lead over Claude Eksteen, and Abrahm louw closing in on him , I crossed the line in 55min41sec ..

NOT sure WHY i jumped ?? JUst felt like it haha




Elite Men’s Category Race Results:

Position         Athlete                               Time

1                      Richard Murray                0:55:41

2                      Claude Eksteen              0:56:33

3                      Abrahm Louw                  0:56:44

4                      Henri Schoeman            0:57:02

5                      Pieter van der Mescht    0:57:02


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