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1 Minute Down

With a successful P.e Energade  Triathlon Series there was a week before the Brandvlei Dam event ..

Great training week between events with new training partner Anton Ruanova – set us up for a good 6th event of the BSG tri series..

Brandvlei Dam only about 1hour drive from my home in Durbanville , and the race pushed 1 hour later , it gave us PLENTY of time to get to the event on time in the morning 🙂

With the weather holding out “Surprizingly ” we were all set up in transition  and amazing background 🙂

Brandvlei really a good event for the Cape Town leg of the BSG Triseries

New tv crew were at Brandvlei, and a good bit of chatting before event is always fun 🙂

This event was a rather important one for me, as I had already won 3 events and needed to do well to gain the overall series Title on the  4thDec !

Great to see Wickus Weber back on the scene and Theo Bilignaut back in action after a bout of sickness.

Anton and myself stuck together like glue we went for a pre-race warm up run, and were then off down to the water for a swim warm up 🙂

With my mate Nic Muhl chirping me that he is going to  deliver some HURT on the swim, we needed to hit a small pose !

I was expecting a good swim, much like the pervious events , BUT boy was I wrong .. I dislike it when people moan on their blogs about if’s and But’s , BUT my goggles for some reason misted up and I was really battling to see where we were swimming this weekend .

On the way back from the last bouy in the swim I really battled with the choppy water and fogged up goggles, and lost the feet in front of me 😦

Out of the water, and some work to be done in transition, I ran into transition on the wrong side and had to run around a rack to get to my bike. This then gave me even more work to catch up, and with a sticky wetsuit by my ankles I was in BIG trouble ..

out into the bike with Wikus Weber and Anton Ruanova , I thought that we would manage to catch Abrahm louw,Henri Schoeman and Claude Eksteen about 30seconds up the road!

WIth the rain coming down in buckets and there a HUGE head wind +- 40km/h for the 10km out and back loop, some INSANE cycling was needed to catch team mate Abrahm LOuw.

ON the bike we caught Theo Blignaut-Jeff Norton and Pieter Van De mesch within 4km and then It was almost a Time trail for myself till the turn around point on the bike..

WIth Theo Blignaut and Anton Ruanova coming through after the 10km point, we then needed to catch up 1 minute before the end of the bike!

WIth a steep down hill and transition, caution was the name of the game 🙂

Off the bike, and down the sand dune into transition , I was 1minute down on Henri Schoeman, Claude Eksteen and Team mate (BSG ) Abrahm Louw ..

I knew that I needed to KILL my run, keep my head down and run them down by the end of the event ..

By the half way point  (2.5km) I had closed down on Henri Schoeman and was closing down on Claude Eksteen …

Abrahm Louw was just ahead of Claude and pulling away for the win .

With +- 1.5km to go I gave it all I had and managed to reel in Claude and we were flying over the dam Wall of Brandvlei Dam .

I knew If I dug really deap I would rain that 45 seconds back and take the win !!! With around 500meters to go I pushed again and caught Abrahm louw and passed him at the bottem of transition . With 1 last hill left to go before the finish line Abrahm louw was right on my heals and I still needed to dig deep!

I managed to push through the pain, and come away with a win I thought not possible at the start of the run . This was by far one of the hardest runs I have done ALL year and was all worth it in the end . I have learnt, that If u believe in yourself and your capabilities you can go way further that you realize ..! NEver give up untill the finish line 🙂

Pos Dist Surname Name Time Swim Bike Run
1 1 Murray Richard 0:59:10 0:10:25 0:33:21 0:15:23
2 2 Louw Abrahm 0:59:18 0:10:03 0:32:47 0:16:27
3 3 Eksteen Claude 0:59:38 0:10:16 0:32:30 0:16:50
4 4 Schoeman Henri 1:00:43 0:09:46 0:33:17 0:17:39
5 5 Ruanova Fernández Antón 1:00:57 0:10:13 0:33:50 0:16:53

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