Professional Triathlete

Anton and myself decided to ditch the indoor swiming pool and head to Sea Point 50meter pool..

With a PERFECT day in my favorite city in the world, we headed down the N1 towards the BIG mountain 🙂

Road works by the seapoint pool and main road was a bit of a nightmare and we needed to park in Kloof road !

Getting to the pool around 11:30pm we had plenty of time to hit out an easy swim set.

With water being about 18degrees and our body fat not that high, we were absolutly FREEEEZING!!!

Had to BRING out my Gun SHow 🙂


Anton managed around 1km in the pool and then was almost dying of hypothermia, but with a little more cushoning I managed an easy 3km set 🙂

A stop at the Kiosk and 2x chicken Mayo and 2 x Poweraid’s we head off to the top of Signal Hill to show of Cape Town !

After a random bit of banter with an old guy at the pool, we headed uphill for a bit of sight seeing …. AND was it amazing !!

Trying to find some out of the ordinary shots, Anton decided to do some jumping shots …. They are profile picture material !


After a HUGE jump, almost falling down the mountain and a bunch of Asians laughing at me, we took a few pick and a Shaweet video driving down the hill!



No wonder Table mountain is the 7th wonder of the world …. Just look at it … Blws my mind everytime I drive to cape town!




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