Professional Triathlete

From the age of 16 I have been waiting to win the BSG energade triathlon series …. This past sunday, that became possible ..!

Starting triathlon at the age of around 14-15years or age, my progression in the water has been VERY slow and painstaking . I have realized that as soon as I get my swim up to date, I will be able to achieve great things in triathlon .

After a MONSTER or a european season I returned to the BSG-energade triseries and a puncture at the Potchefstroom event of the series..

With a week of contemplating wether to continue with the series, I decided, WHY not 🙂

With a win in Midmar , P.E and Worceter all was needed was for me to finish 1 place behind Erhard Wolfhaardt “Multiple series winner” to clench the title !

A travel with Anton Ruanova , Greg Reis “CEO of BSG” and  Vicky van De merwe  ,the time spent in Joburg was great fun !

The final of the BSG-energade triseries was at Vanderbijlpark and was a fast and furious event indeed.

A  drive from Sandton to Vanderbijlpark took around 1hour with thanks to Gerg’s fancy driving and our great 300kw Van from Budget  car rental ::-)

Transition was good fun with Chris Hitchcock around taking some VERY interesting pics !!!

A rush through transition and a call of nature in the bushes 0_o It was time for some trash talking and a warm up run !

All the big hitters taking part in the males and females, and the race being COMPLETLY sold out, things looked very good for the final event.

With water temp being 24degrees, no wetsuits were alowed . Without faffing trying to get my TYR wetsuit on we  had more than enough time before the start 🙂 Our normal faimly type trash taking took place just before the start of course .

Normal distances took place with a 750meter swim, 20km bike and a 5km run!

24 Elite athletes took part in the males, and  I had a great start to my  swim untill we hit the 4th bouy.

Starting on closest to the middle was the plan from Anton Ruanova, and this helped us get a better speed towards the 1st bouy.. With faster flowing water being in the middle of the stream, I was glad to choose that line 🙂

A good swim was had untill around 500meters where my whole body went numb again due to the altitude 😦

Im very glad I had a good start and placing in the begining of the event, as near the end of the swim I was going backwards!!

Coming out around 5-6th spot, I was really thinking that Erhard had gotten away and my race was over with!

Coming out of transition, I saw that my race was not yet over as Erhard was right ahead of me, and the game was still on for the WIN!!!

The bike was a real ” I’m wotching you, your watching me affair” although Erhard was the one putting in all the sprints to blow me off ..

We managed to close the gap to the leaders half way through the bike,  Abrahm louw managed to get a small gap on us near the end of the bike…. BUT my race was with Erhard Wolfhaardt!

Off the bike and into the transition the race was now a running race, and I LOVE my running..!

I PUSHED it as hard as I could go for the 1st 1km and then noticed that I had a small gap by the half way point .

All I needed to do was to hold off the lanky Potchefstroom atahlet and Abrahm  to win the series for the 1st time in my triathlon career .

With around 500meters to go, and a HUGE crowed shouting for me, I couldent  help starting to smile !!!

I won the BSG-energade triseries , and to anyone that knows of it … ITS the biggest triathlon series in South Africa and Africa im sure !

Im SO happy to have ended my season with such a high!!

I would really like to thank my Sponsors

BSG    –                            my biggest sponsor for 2011 and beyond

PUMA        –  For keeping my feet  FAAS in the race and looking stylish

Triathlon South Africa   –  For being such  good help year round

PEPTOSPORT  & PEPTOPRO    – for keeping me fueled in training, racing and in health

TYR  –  For the great setsuits and tri-suits

Rudy Project   – For the yearly eyewear and helmets

Chris Hitchcock    – For his amazing photography in the BSG-energade Triseries

This year has been a dream year for myself and I really appreciate allthe  support from everyone  who believes me 🙂

2011 ….. DONE …. Holidays …. HERE I COME ..

2012 and the all important Olympic year is around the corner , And Ill be ready !


Comments on: "BSG-energade Triseries WIN ….." (2)

  1. So stoked for you dude. Very well done. Now… about that surf?

  2. Surfing is a MUST !!! 🙂 I need to get my act together !!!

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