Professional Triathlete

Back to basics

I will be able to state, that this past holiday of mine was realy something special ..

Anton Ruanova ” Spanish Pro triathlete”  arrived on the 11th November and since then, We have been all over the Western Cape and even to Namibia ! I have seen, that I really havent done much sight seeing in the mother City “Cape Tow” and that Having the SPANIARD here has really been great.

Other than running around and getting really fat and unfit, Anton and myself, Paddled down the Oragne River, Saw the Big 5, saw penguins, went to the PUMA Social club year end party, BSG year end function and some land sky diving !

After this holiday, I realized that things would be hard to start of with, BUT I never realized that I would feel like it was the end of a season HAHA

Tomorrow, the 4th of Jan, I will be 23years old and it will be my last year to race U23 🙂

I find that things have gone really well last year, and that I will be able to do bigger and better things this year with the correct planning in place.

This weekend, Anton and myself will be moving to Stellenbosh, where we will be training with Jan frodeno, some germans and other international triathletes ..

With a LOT of hard work and miles needing to be put into my swimming this base period, I hope that swimming with a group of exprienced pro’s will do the trick !

My 1st race of the season will be South African Sprint Championships in Blouberg on the 19th February and then soon after this, MAYBE the Xterra Grabouw Sa Champs.

This year, I know that I will make it to the Olympics, and all I need to do is believe in myself and DO IT 🙂

With a New bike, and great sponsors such as BSG , PUMA , Triathlon South Africa and an AMAZING support structure from my family , I cant wait to get this base done and start with the Build phase of my London2012 prep ..

The next 2 months shall be long slow miles for me . “back to basics”  This is to build endurance and strength so that my season will be able to last from March to September/October..

Over and Out 🙂

Rich **


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