Professional Triathlete

1st of all, things have been so intense and serious that even thinking of blogging is tiring …

2nd :  all this wanting to blog has gotten WAY to much…. SO here It goes!

With 3 weeks now in Stellenbosh “The Bosh” things have started to get into a really good rhythm .T raining miles has improved , due to the fact that swimming time is from 12:30- till 2pm …

With a swimming  schedule during the middle of the day, morning sessions and an evening session become a no-brainer  ..

My training plan has changed a bit from normal years, to the point where I will be able to be able to handle more and more base each year !

A VERY exiting new thing is that I will be signing with KTM bike industries this year, and so far my new KTM Strada 6000 is a truly amazing and stiff ride !

My BIKE for 2012 International Racing

I once thought that being a triathlete would not be enough, and that I will need to study or work aswell to keep myself occupied during the week….. BOY was I wrong..

With our weekly mileage increasing  , sleeping and eating also needs to increase to allow the body to cope. This then  in turn makes a long day quite short!

Stellenbosh, is really something special , there is a relaxed and smooth ambience about it .. With mountains surrounding  the many shops and  tree ridden river running through its really breathtaking .

With my thoughts moving across to strength work and speed work starting middle of March, it looks like things are on plan so far for my 2012 Olympic Qualification !

My 1st event will be either “ 12feb at Gordons Bay” which will be a sprint event, or it will be the South African Sprint champs on the 19th feb the following weekened in Blouberg.

This past Friday, I did a very relaxed and fun Photo shoot with CM and GoMulit magazine for a front cover 🙂

This past week, I did a really good hill session, but the following day my Tibialis Posterior started to hurt and I needed to back off running for a few days..

I think/HOPE that its just a small tear in the muscle and that with some “RICE method” It will be back to normal next week..

Hill reps.... MAY have been the cause... EASY now on downhills !!

Meeting new people and seeing so many top international athletes in the Bosh has been great ! Training with the Spaniard “Anton Ruanova” has really made things more interesting, and also chatting while training elevates the Heart Rate making sessions just that bit more intense J

I’m sure you also feel the heat if your are in South Africa, as today we hit out a 2hour long run, and it was about 34-35dgrees which was far from pleasant !

With around 2-3weeks before I race, I will do some light speed work to get my body ready for the season ahead, and I really do hope that My body will  respond to the 1st to races of 2012 !

Something to think about : “ In training, when the going gets tough, visualize your goals and where you wish to be at your peak!! This wil keep you dedicated and motivated to push on, even when times seem tough !”

Keep dedicated and passionate bout what you love, and life will be that much more fun !!

Over and out

Rich *

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