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ITU African Cup , Cape Town

With a large base behind me, things fell into place today in Blouberg ..


Training in stellenbosh with Anton ruanova has been a real treat, not only have we been surrounded with the creme of the crop but I have been able to improve my swimming miles over the past month!

This morning 19/02/12 was my 1st event of 2012 and with a star studded field, some hurt was bound to occur.

Sporting my new bike , at 7.42kg with the old Dura ace carbon tubbies ….. We set of at 5:25am towards the best tri venue out there! Big Bay.


With my AUdi packed to the roof, we soon arrived to what felt like an Iron man start “as it was still dark”

As I was number ranked number 5 and reccon I would do well

“At the line I feel we see the following take the hardware:”
Don (GBR), Murray (RSA), Ruanova (ESP)

With just over 1 hour from arrival to the race start, things were a bit frantic , but all went smooth pre race warm up!

With a 750m sea swim at 14degrees , 20km  bumpy bike and a Hilly technical run route I was all smiles at the start.

I had a great start to my race and put my head down towards the 1st bouy which lay just 300m from Big bay Beach. I soon noticed that I was near the front of the swim and kept on going until I got caught up in the rope of the bouys 😦

I soon got loose and was on my way round the 2nd bouy and hit the beach in an astounding +- 8th place ” May be a few places out haha”

Into T1 with no messing around, I pulled my TYR Hurricane suit off and hit the pedals of my new KTM steed.

A tactical bike saw myself closing around 5-6 break aways but we wer all together except for Jens  Toft  around 20-25seconds up the road.

Into T2 and Tim Don and myself were the 1st 2 out and I put the hammer down  in these  and never looked back…. Ok I did, but only once or twice! With a few short hills and a long downhill run at the start, my legs felt great and I soon settled into a ” Im hurting but will make 5km pace”

So with around 20 seconds to spare things could not have started of better for my 2012 racing season! A bottle of amarula “My Fav” and some nice prize money is well sort after , as I have been spending for the past 2 months 🙂

A HUGE thanks to all the spectators who came down to watch this race take place, It’s not everyday that such a high class event comes to Cape town!

To my Sponsors BSG- KTM-  PUMA-  TYR-  PEPTOPRO and my amazing fam and freinds for being at a Local event!!

left 2nd, Igor Polyanskiy , 1st Richard Murray , 3rd Erhard Wolfhaardt

Rest, KFC and some light training before I leave for Pretoria on tuesday for a Altitude Came at the HPC 🙂



Comments on: "ITU African Cup , Cape Town" (2)

  1. You just continuing improving Richard! Impresive. Who know whats possible in London! Cheers, Ogy

  2. Louis Blok said:

    Amazing start to your Olympic year. Thanks for the stuff, I do appreciate it. Best of luck in this big year. May all your wishes come true. With the amount of work you put in…..It might just come true. Skop gat!


    Louis Blok

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