Professional Triathlete

Just something short to Show that I still do blog and things are indeed going in the correct direction! 🙂


Blog posts have been far and wide in between due to REALLY intense training , working on my new FB page ,,,,, and trying to get the most out of my recovery time!


Training here in Pretoria has been something special, and I can feel that I am moving in the right direction towards SA Championships this weekend in P.E then All African Championships in Mauritius end of March, and FINALLY my 1st World Triathlon Series event of 2012/Olympic year Sydney WTC ” World Triathlon Series”

Our Olympic qualification period ends the 31st may, and Thus I need to get as many solid races between now and then!

SO see what and how I will qualify, check the link below !


Some more blogging will be taking place end of this week, where I shall explain what I shall be getting up 2 for the next for months…… Actually scare myself when I think of all the racing ad travelling 😉


Till then, hope ya’ll have a good un !



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