Professional Triathlete

Once again, time has come for me to board a plane to travel to abroad.

From Anton ruanova arriving in November, the BSG Energade Triathlon Series over oct-Nov and december and then my brake over 3 weeks in December, things could not have gone better in 2011.


With a 3 week break “2 weeks of NO training whatsoever” and some BIG partying nights inbetween 😉 we even managed to have some good sight seeing experience aswell.

With the thought of 2012 being a HUGE year ahead and the Olympics in mind, I realized we  “Anton and myself” needed to start light training just after christmas. With some Puma nights at the V&A waterfront andmeeting all the crew of MarMostro it was a great time of the year!

January the 4th being my birthday, a HUGE braai took place in Durbanville hills with the family and close friends.

Planned soon after my birthday Anton- and myeslf moved to Magnolia Guest house in “die boord” Stellenbosh for our base miles of the year..

Some BIG sessions were put in and I even managed to get roped into an event… the Totalsports challenge 🙂 A 13km road run was done there , with no speed work being done priar to the event. Although I realized this may not have been the smartest thing to do, sometimes in life you need to do what you feel like… Keeps one human !


WIth a team like Christoph Suaser, Tim Don and Heerden Herman some punishment was going to get done to the other teams 😉

A great event was had and we were soon back into  25-28hour training weeks. With a win , at the South African Sprint Championships at Blaauwberg things were going very well for the 1st few months in Africa .


Time in my home land came to an end on the 21st March when we took the long drive from Cape Town to Pretoria in search of some altitude and a 50m swimming pool..

Under the watchful eye of Lindsey Parry and Rocco Van meiring the past month in Pretoria has been a demanding one … Training with my spanish crew, Anton ruanova and new edition Maria Ortega we were took the first week really easy .

With gastro and stomach Issues for a week, I was getting quite worried on the amount of time I had to gain the benefit of altitude training. After some antibiotics for 3 days and a few days in the bed, things came right and I managed to get a good weeks training before the SA triathlon Champs in P.E


A bad swim and incorrect mindset for the event saw me miss the front pack on the swim and I eneded up in no mans land for the 40km bike leg .. Soon after a jel on the bike my event was over due to sever stomach cramps on the run … A common occurance at the start of my season!

With an hunger to train and perform I knew I needed to get my open water swimming up to scratch. I headed back to Pretoria for a week and a it until I departed for Mauritius on the 28th March.

This past weekend, Coach parry found a swimming event in Warm baths which was a 3km-1.6km and a 800m swim. I decided this would be the BEST thing to aid my open water swimming skill for the African Championships on the 31st March ..

A total of 5.4km of “close to arce pace work” was done this weekend and I managed a good 23.5km swimming excluding monday of travel.


This could have been my best few months in Africa, and I feel ready to head to Mauritius,Sydney and the the US for some swimming , cycling and running 🙂

Africa will remain my faverouite though !

never take a day for granted, Life is a gift 😉




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