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Unfortunately the better I race, the longer it takes for me to blog about the event….

From a successful african Championships in Mauritius on the 31st of March I was soon my my way to Wollongong-NSW Australia .

I realized that there was only 2 weeks between African Championships and Sydney WTS , so I planned on a hard 4-5 days between these to events, and then to taper for Sydney .

With Sydney being my 1st real start to the WTS and gaining a start due to my performance from 2011 I realized that this year 2012 coud not have started beter.

Some light training the week before Sydney was on the cards ! Having a big group of internationals was great training during this time 🙂

ImageI found my way to Sydney by train on the thursday and it was soon into the Race briefing and my usual evening trot .. I will need to admit, Sydney is rather scenic with its huge sky scrapers and Botanical Gardens near by .


With the arrival of Carlyn fisher at a rather unruly time “23:30” to our hotel “The Menzies” , things seemed to be going to plan for the event .

Pre race day route cycle with Carlyn, the Italians and a load of traffic, the weather could not have been kinder to us .

I know when I do my 6x30sec builds the evening of the race that my legs and body is ready for some punishment 🙂

Race day dawned and so did I … males and females having to put our running kit into T2 between 6-7am was a shock to my system! It was such a sock that I forgot to put my helmet on when riding to transition, and luckly for a friend, decided to walk rather than receive a DQ haha

breakfast it, I put my #37 on the legs and headed down to one of most spectacular places of Australia! MOst people dont know, but your number normally represents your ranking in the world, so MOST important is to beat your number!Image

With my trusty KTM Strada6000 road bike I headed down to T1 this time with my Rudy Project Helmet snugly tightened to my cranium !

Parking my bicycle next to Bevan Docherty  from New Zealand who twice won medals at the Olympic Games I knew I was in the right place 🙂


It was then time to head out for a pre race warm up run, normally done at 4min/km with some high knees and butt-kicks I noticed that I was running next to fellow NZL athlete  Kris Gemmel also running in the same  Puma’s 🙂


With many people getting into their wetsuits, I did the same, to see half of the people then taking them off .. I will need to admit, I was not really happy with the sight as I swim a bit better with my TYR suit .

Down to the race start, and I was my usual self …


Will need to admit, I was nervous , but I guess I deal with it by acting like an idiot 🙂

With the swim flat as a pancake  and some HUGE russians leading the way I put my head between my arms and hung of for dear life.

 I managed to come around 40seconds back from the leaders with a time of 18:24 for the 1500m It was then time to close that gap on the 1st Hill leading towards the 7 lap bike course .

passing around 10-12 guys up the hill , I soon realized that it would take us a few laps t catch the front pack and I was far from relaxed ….

Catching the front group on lap 2 of the 7 laps, I was so happy that we had done it, and for the rest of the bike I intended to remain in the top 20 of the pack to stay out of trouble “Crashes”

Coming from a Road and mountain biking backround, I soon realized that many of the guys in the front bunch need to work on their bike skills , “Was dangerous every 1km of the bike”

I realize what I am capable of on a run, but I was not sure how strong the others were and who exactuly would be up front .

Steffan Justus, Laurnet Vidal and Myself soon made our way to the front of the pack and I realized ” This is going to hurt” .


 At around the 6km make Steffen Justus put in a surge and managed to get a small gap to myself and Laurent.

For the rest of the run, Laurent and myself battled it out until the 9km point. I realized that I cannot sprint and the he can. I then myself put in a surge and managed to get a 2second gap on Laurent in the closing kilometer .

I was over joyed when running down the finishing shoot and had realized that I have done what no other South African or African triathlete has done, taken a step on the podium at a World series event!


Steffen also had the performance of his career as did I and things could not have felt sweeter on the podium next to 2 World Class athletes !


A short Clip of the whole event is below .

Something amazing to see, that the top 10athletes all came in within 50seconds of each other!

1. Steffen Justus GER DE 01:51:04
2. Richard Murray RSA ZA 01:51:13
3. Laurent Vidal FRA FR 01:51:15
4. David Hauss FRA FR 01:51:30
5. Alexander Bryukhankov RUS RU 01:51:31
6. Ivan Vasiliev RUS RU 01:51:34
7. Kris Gemmell NZL NZ 01:51:42
8. William Clarke GBR GB 01:51:43
9. Dmitry Polyansky RUS RU 01:51:49
10. Jarrod Shoemaker USA US 01:51:51

Comments on: "World Triathlon series “WTS”, Sydney 2012" (4)

  1. Well done boet!! Thats great stuff. Proud of you!!! keep it up will see you in GER. Gooi hom in die groot blade!!!

  2. thanks Theo … hope you guys training well in RSA !! Already miss home 🙂


    nice report rich and get those nice aussie girls to look after you for the next two weeks

  4. Nico Sterk said:

    Richard, well done. Fantastic performance.

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