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Once again, time to get back to track …… Literally 🙂

Follow the link below to see how the set went !

6x1km on the track , In the Gong by rich02murray at Garmin Connect – Details.


Comments on: "6x1km on the track , In the Gong by rich02murray at Garmin Connect – Details" (2)

  1. Hi Richard Amazing that you are showing your training on your blog! fantastic! I am former runner ( who is currently coaching junior triathletes in Canberra Australia. You are the talk of the group right now with your two significant performances at the most recent ITU events. Ok now the question about your impressive run session. what was the recovery period in between efforts? According to the garmin it looked to be in the 15-25 second range. Is that correct? What was the exact purpose of your session? Were you running on how you felt or specific pace ie. first few at slower than 10k pace with next 4 at 5k pace. I am assuming that your 5k track pb would be in the low 14 range.

    Was good to see you racing 10k in training flats in Camden. Do you do many open running races? Good luck in your upcoming races. keep up the blogging great to see what the elites are doing!

    • Hi Des

      This session was not a very hard session as I raced that 10km cross country event on the weekend ..
      I did a good 2 min recovery between every 1km, and did 5km Wu and CD after the 6x1km .

      I plan on building though every session, until i am going about my 1st 1km race pace in a 10km race of a triathlon/ 2:45/km which is about correct …

      Hope this helps 🙂


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